The activities of cleaning companies

Cleaning (from the English. cleaning - "cleaning", "cleaning") is a relatively new type of business in Russia, in which the customer instead of taking themselves to the cleaners on a permanent basis, prefer to pay a cleaning fee to a third party. It is possible that the person corny no time to clean the house, or living space is big enough and it removed quite time consuming. Will come with all the same cleaning company.

Choosing a cleaning organization

Before you sign a contract for cleaning in any place, you want to carefully study the offers on the market. It is necessary to study reviews about those or other companies, to see with her employees. Sometimes cleaning organizations employ illegal immigrants from middle Eastern countries (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.), in which there can be health books. Their presence, though not mandatory, but highly desirable. This is due to the fact that everyone is exposed to those or other diseases. Hardly anyone wants to pick up a foot fungus or something from a hired cleaner.

Sometimes unscrupulous cleaning companies convey the information about the harvested areas to third parties who may use it for criminal purposes. The presence of at least one such opinion of consumers about the company's work should be a clear reason for refusal from its services.

Terms and conditions of contracts

In the contract with the company for cleaning the premises should be spelled out the area, remove the assignment of the room, quality of cleaning, as well as the means by which will be cleaning. All this will depend on the price of services. Cleaning can be conducted either one-time or specific intervals (every day, 2 times per week, etc.).

The inventory, which will be held service, provided either by the customer or by the contractor. The price in the contract, usually stated per square meter of a cleaned room. Also it is advisable to discuss in advance, and even better to prescribe conditions for the supply and delivery to the workplace of cleaners.

It is not necessary to use the services of cleaners, the visiting side, without a written contract. You need to take them either on a permanent basis in the state or to look for the cleaning company. If the cleaner will cause material damage to the customer, the company that provided it, will be financially responsible. All that is necessary to prescribe in the contract for the provision of cleaning services.