What to do to avoid being infected with nail fungus

Onychomycosis affects the toenails. The main risk groups – visitors of swimming pools, saunas, baths and fitness clubs, as well as all public places where walking barefoot. The probability of a fungus infection also increases if a person has the habit to measure someone else's shoes if he is injured toes or a weakened immune system. In the elderly the nail fungus are much more common than in children, due to old age related diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus) and reduced protection for the whole body.

Like other diseases, onychomycosis is easier to prevent than to cure. It is important to improve your health and boost the immune system, healthy people are more resistant to infection by the fungus than others. Not to "pick up" the nail fungus, you should not walk barefoot in common areas (showers, baths, swimming pools, beaches). It is recommended to use shoes. Pedicure should be done only in the audited stores where you can verify that tools are thoroughly disinfected. Not too often to paint the nail varnish. It is impossible in any case to wear someone else's shoes.

More than half of the cases of infection by a fungus found in the family circle. Infection occurs through contact with a sick person or with things of a diseased person (bath Mat, nail clippers, towels, clothes, shoes). So if anyone in the family suffers from onychomycosis, need to be especially vigilant. Thoroughly disinfect the tub after they showered patients. Sponges, sponges need to be regularly be soaked in a 5% solution of chlorine bleach for an hour. Linen, which was used by the diseased, should be boiled with linen powder for 25-30 minutes.

Prevention of nail fungus

For everyday wear better to buy comfortable shoes made from natural breathable materials. For fittings be sure to use socks. When wearing it is important to ensure that the area of the nail is not subjected to permanent deformation or pressure. Do not wear wet from sweat or water shoes until it dries completely. Inner surface of the Shoe should be regularly disinfected by special means.

If your feet have calluses, abrasions, feet are often sweaty or too dry, it can cause the fungus infection. It is necessary to use creams to prevent the formation of calluses, to soften dry skin of the feet. When sweating, you need to use a dusting of talc. After washing you need to dry the feet, particularly in between the toes, and apply a special anti-fungal creams and powders. Required daily change socks and stockings.