Catering is the offsite catering and a catering service. This trend came to us from the United States and the West, can often be seen in the photo of the waiters in the white gloves in the estates of celebrities for elegant weddings and receptions.
We have catering companies are often treated with distrust, preferring traditional restaurants.

Catering companies usually organize people with extensive experience in the restaurant business, for example, chefs or managers. Also catering there are many restaurants and restaurant chains.
If you haven't decided on the venue, the Manager will select the site options and will hold their show. You will be offered the options menu: cost of the Banquet menu in major cities ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles per person, buffet — from 500 to 1200 roubles. Every company has a minimum order amount from which they work. In the value menu usually includes: hotel, transportation, and cleaning.
When organizing events, cocktail parties at fashion shows and various presentations, catering services simply irreplaceable.

Catering service has certain advantages:
– you can organize a Banquet in the Palace, a party on the roof, the exhaust on the boat
– usually a large number of menu options on the different amounts
– the quality of the cooking is no worse than in a stationary restaurant
– during the transportation of products used special trucks equipped with refrigerators

But there are some disadvantages that also need to be considered:
– the budget of the event in most cases will be greater than in the restaurant, because, in addition to the menu extras area renting
– some sites may not be very good conditions for the mobile kitchen, it is better to find out in advance
– now on the market quite a large number of catering companies, and you need to be very careful when choosing, otherwise there is a risk of getting substandard services

When choosing a catering company you need to pay attention to how to communicate with your Manager, on the company's experience, reviews. Better to assess the quality of food — it will ask you to prepare the test menu for tasting. If you can't go wrong with choose — your holiday will be wonderful!