What is the Muscovite's social card

Muscovite's social card - a small plastic card with a chip, but it is fraught with many functions. It supersedes the identity of the beneficiaries, can be used as banking and transport card. Its development was carried out specifically for the convenience of pensioners who had to store multiple documents proving their preferential conditions.

The results of the Social map is made on the basis of a written application and completed questionnaire to the beneficiary.

Who is eligible to receive a Social card of the Muscovite

Social card of the Muscovite are able to obtain one of the following categories:
- persons who are registered in social protection bodies (veterans, pensioners, invalids, children from large families, orphans, participants of combat actions);
- students;
- students of secondary specialized educational institutions and universities who are studying at the day Department;
- pregnant women who were registered in the period of twenty weeks;
women that have applied for lump-sum payment not later than 6 months from the date of birth of the child;
- citizens who receive subsidies for utilities.

Where to get a Social card of the Muscovite

Schoolchildren and University students can receive a Social card of the Muscovite special points of issue of the Moscow metro, sometimes this is possible at the place of study (this should be clarified in an educational institution).

Persons consisting on the account in social protection, can obtain their card at the place of residence in the management of social protection of the population. The same map can get pregnant and women who recently gave birth to a child. Citizens who receive subsidies, the card is issued in the City center of housing subsidies.

Documents required to obtain a Social card of the Muscovite

Before you go to receive the Social card of the Muscovite, it is necessary to check and bring along the following documents:
- passport with the Moscow residence permit or birth certificate of the child;
- medical insurance policy;
- the insurance certificate of obligatory pension insurance.

You may also may require additional documents, namely:
the student's card;
- the documents confirming the right to receive social support from the state;
- a certificate of registration of pregnant women.