The right to receive cards have certain categories of citizens, namely: the persons consisting on the account in bodies of social protection of the population, pregnant women or persons who have applied for receiving lump sum child birth. Also, the students of day form of education students in public and accredited non-state Universities of Moscow, students of secondary and secondary special educational institutions, institutions of primary vocational education and persons receiving housing subsidies.
The registration card of the Muscovite is based on application in the prescribed form. To the persons consisting on the account in bodies of social protection of the population, to apply you must contact one of the Departments of social welfare (RUSZN). Be the will need with the following documents: the document proving the identity (for persons under 14 years – birth certificate for persons over 14 years – passport of citizen of the Russian Federation), the document guaranteeing the right to social support, medical insurance and a certificate of mandatory pension insurance. While filling in the application in RUSZN you free cellphone. After filling out the questionnaire and signing it, you will receive a tear-off coupon, which will then in turn RUSZN in the allotted time for the punishment of the Muscovite. In addition, you will be given the uniform social ticket for travel privilege in public transport for a period of 30 days – prior to the issuance of a plastic card.
Students or learners to draw a map of a Muscovite may be in specialized communities, located in some ticket offices at Metro stations or place of study (subject organized by the institution of a centralized collection of applications and issuance of cards). You will need to take the subway ticket office or school application form, fill it out and deliver, upon presentation of the following documents: ID card, student ID for students, or only an identity card (passport for persons over 14 years of age or certificate and birth for persons under 14 years of age) for the rest of the students. Also need a 3x4 photo. The results of the social card is made at the place of delivery of the application, to obtain will need the same documents and tear-off coupon that will be given after filling the questionnaire.
The right to obtain social security cards for the calculation of benefits for the purchase of children's products are pregnant women, are constantly registered in Moscow and have registered in female consultation before the 20th week of pregnancy or within 12 months counted from the month the baby is born. The right to receive social cards to accrue a lump sum city payment in connection with the birth of a child is one of the parents permanently registered in Moscow. For this you need to apply to the body of social protection of the population within 6 months from the date of birth of the child.
It is also possible the card of a Muscovite for more urban maternity, baby and young families, namely, one of the parents having a permanent Moscow registration, addressed to RUSZN during the year since the birth of the child. To fill in the questionnaire to persons in this category in RUSZN at the place of registration the following documents: pregnant women who are drawing card for getting the city a lump sum need a passport, a certificate from medical institution about the registration in the period up to the 20th week of pregnancy, insurance and pension certificate.
The person purchasing the card for a one-time accrual city compensation and additional benefits need to provide the birth certificate of the child, a certificate from the Registrar, the Registrar, a certificate of non-receipt of funds by the other parent. If benefits are obtained by the birth of a second or more child, you will also need the birth certificates of their children. To get the finished card will need to provide your coupon and proof of identity.
Persons receiving housing subsidies, and make out the application form in one of the branches of "City centre housing subsidies". In this case it is necessary to present following documents: ID card, document guaranteeing the right to social assistance, medical insurance and pension certificate. Subsequent to receiving a plastic card will need an ID and your coupon.
When you receive a personal card of a Muscovite, necessarily issued a memo on its use and PIN-envelope, required for access to individual Bank account, which is opened with a card.