The sports that are most suitable for girls

Theoretically, a girl can do any sport, of course, if health condition allows. Some women are actively addicted to even extreme and traumatic sports (e.g., martial arts, weightlifting, football, hockey, climbing, etc.). However, it is better to choose rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, ballroom dancing, tennis, figure skating. These sports are perfect for the ladies. They have a beneficial effect on the figure, strengthen the muscles and tendons and make them more flexible, and develop endurance, improve coordination of movements. However, the shapes of the girls are getting too athletic and well muscled. Swimming and figure skating, in addition, give a good workout to the body.

Some girls successfully combine different sports. For example, alternately in gymnastics and swimming, or swimming and ballroom dancing.

What other sports are suitable for girls? Very useful for girls Cycling. Contrary to popular belief, riding a bike not only work your leg muscles, but all other muscle groups. To maintain yourself in shape enough 3 times a week to ride on a flat road for one hour.

If a girl wants to get rid of excess fat in the waist and hips, and strengthen the muscles of the legs, it is advisable to alternate driving on a flat road and over rough terrain.

Perfect girls aerobics. In recent years a very popular Pilates exercise system, named after the developer, Joseph Pilates. This kind of fitness, which can engage people of any age and level of fitness. Moreover, Pilates not only in fitness centers but also at home.

Winter sports for girls

Increasingly popular among individuals of the fair sex gaining snowboarding. There are different types of this sport, for example, freestyle, freeride. In 1996, the snowboarding was included in the IOC program of the disciplines of ski sports.

The undeniable benefits of skiing. Given the climatic conditions of Russia, to engage them for several months of the year. The skis help develop coordination of movements strengthen all muscle groups, and also have a beneficial effect on the heart and respiratory system.