Advice 1: What sport is the most useful and safe

The most useful and safe sports are the ones that are not aimed at high sport achievements and overcoming of dangers, and those that are aimed at the General improvement and strengthening of the body.
Fitness healthy and safe sport
Many wits on the issue of safe sport meet "chess" or "eSports". In their own way they are right. Both disciplines are erected in a rank of sports competitions in many countries, including in Russia. Both kinds of sport useful for the development of: chess develops thinking, logic and memory. ESports – reaction, strategic thinking and the ability to make a decision.


From the point of view of the health benefits of physical development and safety with the best sport is gymnastics. There are many types of gymnastics: morning gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, circus gymnastics, team gymnastics and street workout.
The most dangerous sports are: martial arts, Boxing, weightlifting, football, and hockey. Of-Olympic – motor sports, hang-gliding and parachute, parkour.

Of all these types, you can select sports and recreational areas. It is popular nowadays in women fitness, Pilates, callanetics, aerobics. Interested in Eastern sports choose yoga, qigong, tai Chi, Wushu. They are not more dangerous than morning exercises, and the benefits higher. The main advantage is the fact that all human abilities develop simultaneously and harmoniously. The safety of students at the highest level: no extreme loads, there are no hazards, the minimum probability of injury. For those who are important in sports the spirit of competition, there are sports areas of fitness: athletic fitness, body fitness and other. In tai Chi and Wushu competitions are held regularly, including global.

Olympic sports

From the point of view of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) who carried out the study of traumatic Olympic sports at the summer Olympic games in Beijing, the safest was the Canoeing. Second place went to rowing, the third sailing. It should be noted that the main safety criterion was the probability of injury to the participants of the Olympiad. In other words, these sports are the most safe for professional athletes.
The most life-threatening sports: parachute jumps from tall buildings or cliffs (base jumping), downhill skiing on unprepared sites (heliskiing), cave diving, rock climbing, mountain Biking, rafting.

For non-professional athletes, members of the IOC were allocated to Golf, walking and swimming. In Golf, except for the sunburn, you can get back injuries, hips and knees due to multiple and strong-waving stick. But if you use proper technique and stretch before the game, this will not happen. The only injury which can be obtained by walking – stretching the foot muscles. Prevents the use of quality footwear and special insoles. Swimming in the pool, using the correct techniques, almost never causes dealing with injuries.

Advice 2 : Summer Olympic sports: artistic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is the girls performing various gymnastic and dance exercises with ball, Hoop, rope, clubs or ribbon under musical soundtrack. The choice of music is arbitrary, the performance lasts between one and a half minutes on the gymnastics carpet square shape with a side of 13 meters.
Summer Olympic sports: artistic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and spectacular sports. She appeared with the Mariinsky ballet in the early twentieth century. In a relatively short period of rhythmic gymnastics has won wide popularity. In 1948 the first championship of the USSR, from the mid 50 years, athletes began to go to Europe for demonstrations. In December 1963 was held the first international competitions – the European Cup. And in 1967 began to hold competitions between athletes in individual events, but in the group exercises.

In odd years world Championships were held, and even the European Championships. Since 1992 and the world Championships, and European Championships are held annually. In 1984 rhythmic gymnastics became an Olympic sport.

Exercises with the ball are throwing catching and throwing a ball from one hand to another. Also involved here and the legs, head, and shoulders. Sharp throws are combined with gymnastic exercises athletes (rolls, somersaults).

Exercises with a Hoop related with the rotation of the ring on the hands, torso, legs and the neck of the gymnast. Program execution is also accompanied by various exercises.

View rhythmic gymnastics rope includes various jumping and jumping. During exercise athletes should rotate the rope in accordance with the tempo and rhythm of movements.

Exercises with clubs include swings, throws, rolls items the sweat body of the athlete or the Playground. Runtime manipulation of the gymnast performs flips, turns and other complex movements.

Gymnastics with ribbons is a continuous formation of a band of different "drawings". Lena is attached to a wooden stick that holds a gymnast. Movements are swings, throws, perebrosa and interceptions. Exercises are performed in different directions, planes and rhythm. During action ribbon, the athlete performs gymnastic exercises, such as turns, jumps.

Any performance gymnasts should organically fit into the music, reflecting the nature and composition of the melody.

To promote the technical side of performances of gymnasts and reduce the subjectivity in judges ' evaluations of the international gymnastics Federation changed the rules a few times. For example, since 2009, the performances are assessed three teams of judges, at 30-Tabellini scale. The first team split into two groups makes the evaluation technique. One of them estimates the total equipment of the athletes, and the second technique with the subject. Each group consists of two judges. Estimates are summed up and calculated the arithmetic mean of the number. The second brigade, consisting of four judges, evaluates artistry and choreography, and a third group, monitors the mistakes in the speech, taking off points for them. The final judging score consists of the sum of scores of all three teams.

In Russia, rhythmic gymnastics is very popular. Russian athletes regularly take prize-winning places at competitions of the highest rank. Among the famous gymnasts include Eugene Kanaeva, Alina Kabaeva, Irina Casino, Julia Barsukov.

Advice 3 : Low-carb diet

Diet, enjoying great popularity and good results – the low-carb diet.
Low-carb diet

The main idea of the diet becomes clear already from the title. It is a diet, compliance with which involves a reduced consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. One of the most known such diet – the Kremlin diet. Doctors and nutritionists have been arguing, efficient and really safe this nutrition program.

Carbohydrates are divided into two types - fast (simple) and slow (complex). Fast carbs are sugar, buns, cakes, hot cereal, sweet juices, soda and so on. Simple carbohydrates, but harm, nothing in itself do not carry. Proven that they are the cause of obesity, poor health, and the development of certain diseases, such as diabetes and pancreatitis. But from all these products should be discontinued. They practically do not saturate and, after eating a bar of milk chocolate, 15 minutes later the hunger returns. If unbearable without the sweet hard, you can eat any fruit (except grapes and bananas), eat fruit in the morning, preferably before 13 o'clock.

Low-carb diet generally excludes the consumption of any fruit in General. This diet involves the consumption of solely of protein, the safety of this diet for the body also is in question. Excessive amount of protein can cause kidney disease, metabolic disturbances, and poor health. Complex carbohydrates are all grains (cereals) and legumes (beans, peas, lentils). Slow carbs are good for the body, they are slowly absorbed, fill the body and brain the energy, well saturated, and keep the feeling of satiety.

On a low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of cereals and legumes also need to be reduced to a minimum. Allowed to eat foods with the lowest carb, protein food (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, dairy products, cheese). To choose with the lowest percentage of fat. To add to the diet of fresh, preferably green vegetables, they are rich in fiber, which improves digestion.

In compliance with any diet, you should always consult with a specialist and possibly undergo a medical examination. The key to health and beautiful figure is a sport and proper nutrition.

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