The court is eager to preserve their legal independence. Send a written complaint to the judge you can in the Panel of judges and the judicial Council. If your case is delayed, or a violation of the procedure of its conduct, the complaint will forward to the President of the court.
To appeal the decision of the Prosecutor's office will contact the parent unit (the district Prosecutor's office, regional Prosecutor's office) with a written complaint to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. The Prosecutor's office you can also complain to the court.
Often the law – namely, the paragraphs of the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings" violate the bailiffs. Appeal against the actions of the police officer by filing a written statement to the senior bailiff. If the complaint is not properly responded or ignored it, unable to write the complaint to Management of Federal service of bailiffs. Or can it directly send to the office of the Chief bailiff.
On the Internet there are many sites where people post their complaints to the authorities. One such site is called "the Wrath of the People." His complaint to the prosecutors, to bailiffs, who broke Federal law, you can post on this website. Complaints and negative reviews on the Internet are a very effective informal method of settling their civil rights and freedoms.
The arbitrariness of the representatives of the judiciary, as well as their inactions, have to stop. And not always enough several complaints to the desired instance. The officials certainly not turned a blind eye to your complaint, do not ignore it, make it public. Sending a formal statement to the authorities tell on the Internet (for example, on the same site, "the anger of the People") about the arbitrariness of prosecutors and bailiffs.