How to recognize zastuzheny whether the kidneys?

Any hypothermia leads to health problems. And if the runny nose and cough appear almost immediately, then kidney disease can some time be asymptomatic, with potentially serious consequences.

The main task of these paired organs is the excretion of liquid products of metabolism and maintaining homeostasis in the body, so chill the buds is highly undesirable. If this happens, they will have an back pain and several other symptoms:
- frequent or infrequent urination;
- change the color of urine;
- the appearance in the urine blood impurities;
- constant thirst;
- puffiness;
is a specific rash on the skin.
Sedentary work can cause stagnation in the body, including the kidneys. People belonging to this category of workers, it is recommended to take frequent breaks, which are moving around the room.

In addition, the symptom of kidney sostojania may be changing the taste and smell of ammonia coming out of your mouth. The man complains about fatigue, blurred vision, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weight loss.

Diagnosis of renal diseases

If all these symptoms should pass a General analysis of blood, urine and biochemical analysis for creatinine, the results of which give us to understand how well the kidneys are working.

In the presence of inflammation in the blood is determined by elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and leukocytosis. The increase in the number of epithelial cells in the urine and its relative density is confirmed by violation of kidney function. The procedure, ultrasound and urography is indicated for the diagnosis of severe conditions.

How you can quickly improve your well-being until the scheduled medication?

When the first symptoms zastuzheny kidney to alleviate the condition will help renal collecting that is sold in the pharmacy. His cooking is doing according to the instructions. At the same time providing and diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, it strengthens the body and increases its defenses.
To maintain kidney health should limit the use of foods containing caffeine. This component provides a diuretic action is contained in coffee and some soft drinks.

If you suspect an allergic reactions to certain components of this fee is recommended at the first trade to reduce the dosage by 10 times. In the absence of adverse effects renal collecting can be drunk in full doses, but without exceeding.

To warm the kidney zastuzheny will help warm sitz bath with a decoction of renal collecting. In water, the temperature of which should not exceed 40 degrees, you need to sit for about 15 minutes. Before bed you can put under the lower back, electric heating pad (half an hour).

Despite the improvement, to cancel the medical appointment is not necessary, since the disease process may take a chronic form. As of the end of the course of treatment is necessary to retake all the tests to confirm that kidney zastuzheny cured.