A common cause of pain in the kidneys is kidney stones. Her seizures are a characteristic feature of which is a very strong pain called "renal colic". When colic of a man literally beside himself, trying in vain to find the position at which the pain syndrome is reduced.
We need to call the doctor. Before his arrival, if the pain is unbearable, you can sit in a hot bath, take painkillers and antispasmodic medications. For example, some people in this situation helps supplementation "Ketorol" (similar to "Ketanov") and "no-Spa" (or "Spasmalgon"). The attack of colic is usually removed by intravenous administration of a combined preparation, possessing strong spasmolytic and analgesic effect, for example, "Realny".
If after the attack hampered the flow of urine (especially if it ever stopped), then moved with the colic, the stone blocked the ureter. Require immediate hospitalization, since you will almost certainly need to operate urgently patient.
A dull, aching pain in the lower back and flanks, especially accompanied by fever, weakness, fatigue, shortness of urination, usually indicates pyelonephritis. When the disease occurs infection of renal tissue. In the most severe cases, in addition to the described patient's symptoms occurs fever and vomiting. The treatment of pyelonephritis is the use of antibiotics and diet.
Glomerulonefrit is an inflammation of the renal tubules and glomeruli – usually develops as a complication of tonsillitis occurring in severe form. Besides pain in the kidneys, the main symptoms of this disease are: reduction of the outflow of urine, the host pronounced reddish tinge; severe swelling, especially in the morning; a significant increase in blood pressure; lethargy and fatigue. Treat glomerulonefrit using complex therapy with antibiotics and diuretics. Also plays a big role diet with low protein foods, fats and salt.
There are many reasons due to which you may experience kidney pain, until the development of malignant tumors. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor, not hoping that it will be done – stop. Also, do not self-medicate, because every body is different. If some medication helped your friend, it does not mean that he will help you.