Choose the right drinks. It is useful to drink pure water, fruit drinks and herbal teas, which help flush fluids from the body. Fees with juniper leaves, birch and cranberries and watermelon contribute to the continued flushing of the kidneys, and St. John's wort, chamomile, mother and stepmother decontaminate urine. Reduce inflammation will help blend the leaves of the cowberry and bearberry. Nettle, rosehip, cornflower reduce the risk of stone formation, bringing salt from the urinary tract. But coffee, sodas and juices purchase is better to exclude. Negative impact on the kidneys have alcoholic beverages.
Move. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to stagnation, disturbances of water and salt exchange. In the end, salt can precipitate in the kidneys in the form of stones. To avoid this, do not have to torture yourself in regular workouts in the gym. Enough fifteen-minute morning workout consisting of basic exercises: the slope, try, sit-UPS. If you have to spend most of the day sitting at a computer or work Desk, you should pause for physical flexing every 40-50 minutes. Simply walk around the room or down the stairs on the passage below and then back up.
Full eat. That kidney worked without the "noise", try to saturate the body with vitamins and microelements. However, it is worth remembering that synthetic multivitamins can be deposited in the kidneys in the form of salts. Therefore it is necessary to enrich their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs, fish and meat. Watermelon, melon, apples, cucumbers, cabbage, sweet pepper and buckthorn besides help flush excess fluid from the body. Be careful adding salt to your foods. Its excess may cause high blood pressure and edema. For this reason, it is better to abandon the chips, crackers and various snacks for beer (as, indeed, from the beer) and smoked and granulated seasonings.