Protivozmeinaya fluid (antifreeze)

If the coolant in the jacket of the engine flooded with water, in case of leaving her in the cold, resulting ice expands and will damage the internal parts, if not break the body of the shirt. Special coolants for vehicles to prevent damage to your items, because they have a lower freezing point and, moreover, during crystallization of the antifreeze turns into a mushy mass, which is not able to bring harm to the parts. Crystallizes, antifreeze lose fluidity, and therefore is no longer able to fulfill its mission.

Antifreeze, used as coolants for vehicles, created on the basis of ethylene glycol, diluted with water, with the addition of various additives. The latter are intended to give the solution additional properties: anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation agent, anti-foaming and fluorescence (staining).

Antifreeze – antifreeze is also

It so happened that we all were forced to participate involuntarily in this paradox of the Russian language. Probably, many not often heard such a dialogue:
- You have antifreeze poured?
- No, I have not antifreeze. I have antifreeze.
ANTIFREEZE acronym stands for: technology of organic synthesis of OL (i.e., alcohol).

The common name "antifreeze" became its own, although within this the names of a number of different grades, denoted by Latin letters and numbers. This was originally the proper name noun "antifreeze" became a household word. Meanwhile, the word "antifreeze" is a General name for all non-freezing liquids. It translates as "non-freezing, anti-freeze".

Can you mix different brands of antifreeze

"Can you mix antifreeze with antifreeze?" – this is often how the question motorists, without going into the variety of both. As mentioned, different brands of antifreeze contain different additive package, sometimes conflicting with each other. The result is that it can precipitate and clog the system.
If you still had the trip to mix different coolant on arrival at the garage thoroughly rinse the cooling system with distilled water. The same must be done when moving from one antifreeze to another.

Based on the foregoing, it is better not to mix fluids, especially if they have different distinctive colors. First of all, it just refers to domestic green antifreeze and foreign antifreeze, which often red.