You will need
  • - a bottle of distilled water.
Remember: the market is selling it concentrated antifreezeand as this is justified from an economic point of view. Due to the fact that the breeding of antifreezeand is only distilled water, which can be purchased in your favorite city, we present in a large number concentrated, which in any case can not immediately fill in.
Please note that in the trading network are sold antifreeze crystallization temperature 65 degrees Celsius and below. Accordingly, these frosts can be found only in Arctic latitudes, but not everywhere. In temperate geographical latitudes, the winter temperature rarely drops lower than 30 degrees.
So after you buy the coolant concentrate, it must be diluted with distilled water, be sure to consider that adding 1/3 the amount of water to the existing volume of antifreezeand will lead to an increase in the crystallization temperature down to -30 degrees. But if you divorce the specified antifreeze with distilled liquid in equal proportions, it will not freeze at temperatures below -20 degrees - this is especially true for the southern regions of Russia.
Remember to dilute the antifreezeand you do not need to look for a clean water, pharmacy as distilled water for injection. But, nevertheless, go to the selection of such water is very critical as it must be sufficient deionization in order to prevent internal corrosion of the metal.
So use to dilute the antifreezes purified water according to a special technology of reverse osmosis, which subsequently undergoes the deionization. Add this entry in a container of antifreezein the correct proportions, then it can be poured into the machine. Also, some manufacturers of this product immediately indicate the amount of liquid which must be diluted.