The casein contains the amino acid responsible for protein synthesis. Depending on the amount of casein, is included in the milk composition, the product may be albumin or casein. If the complex protein in milk contains more than 80%, the liquid definitely belongs to the category of casein. In the same milk albumin less than 50% of the value of casein.

Products containing casein

Most of the casein contained in cow's milk. A smaller proportion of the substance present in Mare's, donkey's milk. And the products containing casein are made from milk.
There is food and technical casein, rennet. Protein with amino acids, in addition to the food industry, is used for the manufacture of glue, of drugs and not only.

Up to 3% of casein in the composition can have yogurt, its fat content can vary from 1 to 3.2%. Also a champion on the content of the casein is the curd of varying degrees of fat. This useful product may contain up to 18% protein. And if you want to gain weight, and is particularly often included in the diet is cheese. This dairy product is well digested and absorbed by the body almost completely.

However, most of the casein can be found in cheese. The amount of casein can reach 30%. It is noteworthy that the cheese easier to digest curd. To limit its presence in the diet is that if you want to lose weight. All because in addition to the casein, the cheese holds the record for the fat content.

Where there is casein?

Protein complex is also present in all foods containing milk or cottage cheese. It can be baking – cheesecakes, cheesecakes, cheesecakes, chocolate, yogurt. To clarify the percentage of casein in these products you need separately.

When choosing dairy products like cheese, consider their grade. This is due to the different content of casein in cheese. The amount of protein can vary in this product from 15% to 30%.
Powder casein is often used as a nutritional way to nourish patients.

If the goal is to consume as much as possible of the casein with maximum health benefits, you need to focus on dairy products than on the dishes that contain them. Get valuable protein from pure cheese, milk, yogurt or cheese, rather than from the products subjected to additional heat treatment, enriched with different components. You can buy casein powder, that is odorless and well soluble in water.