Proteins or proteins are complex organic compounds whose molecules have a gigantic size and their mass yield in the human body mainly nucleic acids encoding genetic information.

Multifunctional proteins: they transporterowych various substances, to build the foundations of the cells in the intercellular structures that protect the body from foreign substances, etc.

To build your body, the human body uses proteins derived from products of vegetable and animal origin. These proteins in the gastrointestinal tract is broken down into its component parts – amino acids, which, like the part of the designer, the cells are combined new proteins. Complete replacement of the old protein structures to the new in the body takes place for 12-14 days.

Man needs to the same extent as plant and animal proteins.

The main source of animal protein serve meat, poultry, fish and seafood. The most useful in terms of the ratio of protein and fat is the chicken, which is much more easily digested than veal.

Protein digestibility is very high, it exceeds 95%. It is noteworthy that its maximum occurs after 1-2 hours after exercise. This period, when the intake of meat and other protein foods the most desirable, is called "protein window."

Protein contributes to a feeling of saturation, which, in contrast to the saturation caused by other components of the food keeps much longer. The human body is not capable of learning at a time more than 50 grams of protein, so consumption of protein sources should be normalized.

Proteins of dairy and vegetable products have a calming effect, so taking such food in the evening is very beneficial for the body.

But to eat meat in the evening is undesirable, since it proteins too heavy, and it contained L-carnitine has a stimulating effect.