The puppy is exposed to many dangerous diseases: plague, enteritis, leptospirosis, adenovirus infection, viral hepatitis, rabies. Dogs seriously ill, and then another, and suffer from various complications. Protect your pet by using preventive measures - vaccination. Currently there is a vaccination scheme is tested on many generations of dogs. If the baby is still infected, it'll be a simple ailment.

как сделать приввивку сабаки

An inoculation do only healthy animal. The General condition activity, fatness, playful, shiny coat, clean eyes. The first vaccination is done at the age of one month. If the puppy is weak and sick, postpone the injection until recovery. Developed and strong puppies can be vaccinated early on 26-27 day life.

Какие прививки надо делать собаке ежегодно

Each animal is prepared for vaccination. Despite the fact that the baby never left the room, he is infected with worms. A week before the vaccinations start to give the puppy deworming medication before the morning feeding. You should combine the medication with taking 30 minutes of paraffin oil (2 CC), which helps rapid evacuation of intestinal contents. Watch the chair, the action of these agents. The first vaccine administered monthly healthy puppy for plague prophylaxis and enteritis. To walk the baby can't!

Как делать прививку от бешенства для собак

A comprehensive second vaccination is carried out in 2 months for the prevention of diseases distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis. Enforced two-week quarantine, during which the puppy develops immunity. Until that time, it is absolutely contraindicated in walk on special platforms and communication with other, possibly sick dogs. A week before the vaccination must precede the procedure of getting rid of worms.

прививать собак

The third vaccination is done in 3 months. It will protect from parvovirus infection. The week before prepare your puppy for vaccination – deworming guide. If you have a weak baby and the timing of the preceding injection has repeatedly shifted, this vaccination will occur at a later age.

After the change of teeth, and it happens in 5-6 months, done another injection. A dog is prepared for this vaccination as well as previous – given for a week anthelmintic drugs. After third and fourth vaccinations at once allowed to mix with other dogs. However, within two weeks to save the animal. Remove all loads: do not force to run and swim – keep on a leash. In cold time use special dog clothes and not SuperCool feet.

Needed a rabies shot. If your puppy lives at home from birth and limits his walking, get vaccinated at 3-4 months, and for dogs that are contained in an enclosure and do not communicate with other relatives - not earlier than 9 months.

Vaccinations puppies need to spend time to vaccinate only healthy animals. Weak body is unable to develop immunity and vaccination will be useless. The last puppy vaccination is at 12 months then he will be assigned vaccines for adult dogs.