The conditions necessary to accustom the kitten to the toilet is a confident use of the tray and the age of three months (otherwise the kid just can't jump on the seat and stay there). Your main task in the first stage is to move the tray closer to the toilet. After each use of the tray and move it a few inches until you reach the target.
в каком возрасте приучать кота к унитазу
After pan took his place at the foot of the toilet, for several days did not touch it – let the animal get used to the new location of her toilet.
Как приучить котёнка к унитазу
Prepare a stack of old Newspapers or magazines. Puts them under the tray, gradually (1-2 cm at a time) lifting it above the floor level. It can be done several times a day, after each use of the tray. Ensure that the design remains stable and does not wobble. Do not try to speed up the process – otherwise the animal may get confused. If at some point the cat started to "miss" - lower the tray a few inches within a few days don't change his position, and then again begins to rise – but slower. In the process, gradually reduce the amount of filler.
унитазы для кошек
Once the tray will rise to the level of the toilet seat, for several days make sure your pet – you have to be sure that he easily jumps to this height, feels calm and confident. Then remove the newspaper and set the tray directly on the sides of the bowl, making sure it does not falter.
Как приучить кошку к унитазу
After a few days, remove the tray and hide it out of reach for the cat place (so he can't track him down by smell), leaving the seat up. Your pet will only do his business directly into the toilet.
как научить 6-ти летнего кота ходить в туалет
If this step fails – you can return the tray back, and a few days later to cut a small hole in the center of the design in a few days to increase it – and so until then while suffering from cat litter will not be alone bumpers. You can also buy a special kit for teaching cats to use the toilet – in fact it represents the same pan (only made in the shape of the seat), with a hole in the bottom – it can be increased gradually.