The first and most important exercise is palming. This is an exercise for relaxing the eyes. The name comes from the word "palm" - fingers. In this exercise, we warmed the eye, that increases the blood circulation and the metabolism, give your eyes a rest, the muscles to relax. This exercise can be done as anywhere. It is advisable to do it as soon as you felt the pressure in his eyes.

How palming is done:
1) Warm up his hands by rubbing them together. Fold them crosswise, as pictured
2) Put your palms to the eyes, so that the middle was about the eyeballs. This is not to touch your eyes (it will cause tension).
3) Sit/lie and think about something good. Believe me, this is important.
How to do palming.
Gymnastics for the eyes

This exercise is that we need to move the eyes. When moving the eye muscles tighten and uncoil, thereby promoting blood flow to the muscles. Also, these exercises will help to keep the eye muscles toned. It will be easier to focus on objects. After each exercise do palming to rest the eyes from the load.

1) eye Movement up/down and left/right. Do 10 times in each direction, alternating directions.
2) the movement of the eyes in a circle clockwise/anti-clockwise. Do 10 times in each direction.
3) eye Movement diagonally. Do 10 times in each direction.
Methodology snipers

The technique of sniping is exercises that promote visual acuity:
1) Put index finger to nose, at the closest distance from which it is clearly visible and no ghosting (in this position, the eye muscles are strained), then slowly delete it without losing focus on it (the eye muscles are relaxed), then approach again and removed. Palming after the exercises will help to relax your eyes.

2) Closer-further. Take up the pen (or any other object on the tip which you can focus). Holds out his hand. "Find" and remember the point at a distance of about 3-4 meters from you. With a frequency of 3-4 seconds to focus vision on the handle, then our found point. After this exercise you can do palming.