Advice 1: How to restore your vision at home

Vision - the ability to see objects around us. In the modern world is becoming more and more people suffering from vision impairment. Visual recovery the medical route is a very expensive and unpleasant procedure. Vision can be restored in the home by performing simple exercises.

Basically, vision deteriorates due to the fact that the eye muscles that move the crystalline lens, overworked. Fatigue of these muscles occurs in this case as a constant concentration at one point (e.g., computer monitor). There are exercises that help relieve tension from tired muscles and eyes to regain visual acuity.

Consider a simple course of exercises for the eyes.
How to restore vision.
The first and most important exercise is palming. This is an exercise for relaxing the eyes. The name comes from the word "palm" - fingers. In this exercise, we warmed the eye, that increases the blood circulation and the metabolism, give your eyes a rest, the muscles to relax. This exercise can be done as anywhere. It is advisable to do it as soon as you felt the pressure in his eyes.

How palming is done:
1) Warm up his hands by rubbing them together. Fold them crosswise, as pictured
2) Put your palms to the eyes, so that the middle was about the eyeballs. This is not to touch your eyes (it will cause tension).
3) Sit/lie and think about something good. Believe me, this is important.
How to do palming.
Gymnastics for the eyes

This exercise is that we need to move the eyes. When moving the eye muscles tighten and uncoil, thereby promoting blood flow to the muscles. Also, these exercises will help to keep the eye muscles toned. It will be easier to focus on objects. After each exercise do palming to rest the eyes from the load.

1) eye Movement up/down and left/right. Do 10 times in each direction, alternating directions.
2) the movement of the eyes in a circle clockwise/anti-clockwise. Do 10 times in each direction.
3) eye Movement diagonally. Do 10 times in each direction.
Methodology snipers

The technique of sniping is exercises that promote visual acuity:
1) Put index finger to nose, at the closest distance from which it is clearly visible and no ghosting (in this position, the eye muscles are strained), then slowly delete it without losing focus on it (the eye muscles are relaxed), then approach again and removed. Palming after the exercises will help to relax your eyes.

2) Closer-further. Take up the pen (or any other object on the tip which you can focus). Holds out his hand. "Find" and remember the point at a distance of about 3-4 meters from you. With a frequency of 3-4 seconds to focus vision on the handle, then our found point. After this exercise you can do palming.
Useful advice
These simple exercises can improve your eyesight in a month. Train 2 times a day - morning and evening. 1-2 times a week, check the visual acuity on the table Sivtseva.

Advice 2 : How to improve eyesight

Vision is a versatile tool that allows you to perceive the world. The majority of the useful information people get through sight. But its deterioration is either of the character of the age, or hereditary, or acquired. Improper diet, bad habits, and a great visual load affect the deterioration of eyesight, so it is important to monitor the health of their eyes and restore their activity.
How to improve eyesight
You will need
  • - vitamins a, C, E;
  • - blueberries;
  • - chicory;
  • - parsley;
  • - celery;
  • - carrot;
  • pencil.
Healthy and nutritious food will help you to quickly improve eyesight. Eyes need vitamins A, C and E, vegetable dyes, and zinc. A large number of minerals and vitamins that increase blood flow to the eyes contains linseed oil, spinach and marine fish. Can not do without vitamin A, which is best absorbed with oil (contained in carrots). In summer, treat yourself to fresh blueberries, this berry will significantly improve the sharpness of your vision and replenish the body with beneficial trace elements. Include in the diet of green salad and cottage cheese, cabbage and onions, mushrooms, rose hips, milk products, citrus and nuts.
Fresh juices can improve eyesight in just a few days. For this you will need chicory, parsley, carrots and celery, which you should squeeze the juice and mix in equal proportions (30 grams). Drink this mixture once a day during the week - a few days later you will feel a noticeable improvement.
Blueberries have long been used to improve the view - this miraculous berry was used in the form of decoctions of leaves and in the form of drops. Drops prepare immediately before use. Take five to seven fresh or frozen blueberries and squeeze out the juice through a sterile gauze. Dilute a few drops of blueberry juice with water (one drop of juice, two drops of water). Instill two drops of blueberry mixture in each eye once a day. Five days later the vision will start to improve.
To improve vision regularly perform simple exercises. Much zazhmurte eyes, straining their muscles, count to four and open eyelids, relax your muscles. Look at the closest point near you then shift your gaze to the farthest object. Repeat these exercises five to seven times.
Take a pencil and extend your arm forward, move the object from side to side and watch for movement. The head should remain stationary. Move the pencil to the tip of the nose to its ghosting and dismiss away. Do 10-15 of these exercises.
A good tonic effect on blood circulation and nerve endings of the eye have such simple manipulations, like stroking the closed eyes with the fingertips, light pressure, vibration, light kneading and massage the palm of your hand. It is advisable to massage both eyes at the same time the index and middle fingers. On the upper edge of the century – above the eyebrow, along the bottom – move to the nose. Repeat these movements ten or fifteen times. Then the back of the second phalanx of the thumb having a stroking of the eyebrows, going from the nose to the temples with light pressure (eyes should be closed).
A few minutes later after the gym take a cool bath to the eyes. Dial in a clean container with cool water and immerse the face with open eyes for five seconds. Do this three to five times. Hold your eyes closed and dry them with a soft towel, then slowly lift the eyelids. Cool baths can be done up to four times a day.

Advice 3 : How to restore eyesight in a week

Losing sight of the people, appealing to the eye doctor, hoped that he would be assigned effective treatment that will help restore health. Often, however, the visit to the doctor ends with the selection of points, which eventually only worsen the vision. Fortunately, to restore vision you can even at home: the result will be visible already after a week.
How to restore eyesight in a week
You will need
  • - lettering or signboard;
  • - a spreading tree;
  • - light source.
To restore eyesight for a week can help special gymnastics for eyes. It includes nine exercises.
The first exercise in this list is "Gleam". In the daytime go outside and select an object for classes – it can be good to read the inscription. Gradually move away from this object at a distance that exceeds the distance free the readability of the inscriptions on one or two meters (that is, the image should be slightly blurred).
Looking at the sign, start to blink. Focus your attention on the glimmer manifested after the next blink, and try to force glimmer to read the inscription on the plate. Exercise "Glimmer" can be done in the next hour, periodically changing the objects to classes.
The second exercise – "target Shooting". It is as follows: in the daytime go outside and select each eye different objects at different distances (frequency: one object per second). At the initial stage of training should be blinking on each selected object, reducing over time the frequency of blinking.
The next exercise is "Man-spider". Outdoors, choose as the object for training every spreading tree, and went into a mode of "blink", mentally wrap it in a non-existent thread. With this focus look at the point of contact of the imaginary thread and wood.
The exercise on "Rest" will help relieve the tension. Close your eyes, then lean-to-face folded in the form of boats hands (right hand attach to a closed right eye and the left – to the left). Will have a look into the darkness and try to turn away from all the emerging visual images.
Another effective exercise – "Pendulum". To run it, click on the street sign with large letters, and, reaching the status of "eagle eye", focus your eyes on the inscription, mentally shaking her (i.e., moving along titles).
Very similar to the exercise on "Rest" exercises under the name "bobblehead". To accomplish it, select the object start to blink, catch a glimpse of the "eagle eye", and then, focusing the eye on the object, mentally ' s it from side to side. The main thing in this exercise – as long as possible to maintain focus on the object.
Seventh in the list of effective to restore vision exercises – "Eight". The meaning of its implementation is as follows: to choose an object to start blinking, and after in a state of "eagle eye" to draw overturned eight. During this exercise do not move only the eyes but also your head, it is necessary to perform a tilting movement, thereby increasing the horizontal dimensions of eights.
Exercise "Polishing" is a careful consideration of the details of the selected object, which is accompanied by soft circular movements of the eyes.
And the last exercise of this complex of exercises for the eyes called "Ray of light". Close your eyes and stick your face briefly to the source of light (filtered sunlight or a regular light bulb). Exercise you can perform five or six times a day.
During exercise avoid overexertion eyes!
Useful advice
Exercises do in a relaxed state.
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