Food to improve eyesight

Proper nutrition helps to restore vision to persons suffering from myopia or other eye diseases. A special diet is the regular use of carrots. Prepare salads, vegetable stews, fresh juice or eaten in its natural form. Very useful to use marine fish low-fat varieties. Enriched diet as fresh vegetables and fruits, and fatty foods, spicy and smoked foods avoided since these products do not relate to healthy food and not have a positive effect on the human body in General and eyes in particular.

The best method of vision correction with the help of the food consumption of fresh juice from vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries. The juice of fresh nettles - the record in this case. To improve its palatability, nettle juice mixed with Apple juice. Nettles needs to be consumed in any form, with the deterioration of vision in the form of salad, tea from the dried leaf juice. The broth and the juice from the blueberries and dried berries since ancient times used in folk medicine for vision correction or prevention of diseases of the eye.

Folk remedies for improving vision

The most common prescription medicine in order to cope with reduced vision, is the tincture of calamus and calendula. For its preparation take equal amounts of herbs of calendula and calamus, fill them with vodka and infuse for 12 days. Then remove the bottle in a dark place and take a tincture before meals one teaspoon three times a day. To restore vision is required to undergo 4 courses of the treatment.

A mixture of juices of parsley, carrot, celery and chicory will help to strengthen the eye muscles. Take all of these juices in equal proportions, mix and drink 1 time a day. To achieve the expected results, you must take fresh juices for 2 weeks.

Quite effective and popular tool for vision correction is the pulp of parsley roots. It is prepared by grinding parsley root in a meat grinder and add honey and lemon juice. All are thoroughly mixed and take off the paste on a teaspoon before meals. After about 2 months. will replace the first results of such treatment. The slurry from the parsley root has also a tonic effect on the entire body, so it can be eaten by all, except for Allergy sufferers.

Sprouted wheat grains possess a strong antioxidant effect. They contain many vitamins necessary to man. Daily consumption of 100 g of grains can improve eyesight in one week.