Ears are pretty vulnerable on the cat. Ear problems always require drug treatment.

The symptoms are worth paying attention to

the cat is constantly shaking his ears, as if they got something;

- the cat is scratching his ears on the carpet, furniture, pulls their legs;

inside the ear is dirty, there are selection gray, brown, dark brown;

- irritation inside the ear, redness, rashes or sores;

- unpleasant smell from the ears or squishing sounds when pressed.

Diseases causing these symptoms

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A frequent cause of concern for pet is otodectosis in, or colloquially ear mange caused by ear ticks. To get rid of parasites, you must daily clean the ears of a cat gauze pad and instilled in both ears, even if it is scratched , only one drops from otodektoza.

If the house contains several animals, treatment must be all at the same time, regardless of how many of them got sick. Mites are quite easily spread by contact of healthy and sick Pets.

Is that the reason for concern is injury, which produces a hematoma. It looks like edema or swelling. The ear will hurt. The lack of treatment in the best case leads to deformation of the ear, and at worst may develop an abscess. To treat a hematoma immediately, and this should be done by a veterinarian.

Abscess externally difficult to distinguish from hematoma, but this is a more serious problem, because the cause is infection. Here not to do without surgical intervention, so you should seek help to the veterinarian.

If the external surface of the ear of a cat appeared pustular rash, weeping sores forming, the cause is probably a fungus. The first step is to wet ulcers with sterile gauze and covered with powder streptotsida. The fungus treatment will appoint the veterinarian.

Otitis media causes serious concern. In a relatively easy manner is an inflammation of the outer ear. If the disease is run, may start the inflammation of the middle and inner ear, which often leads to deafness or even death of the pet. The treatment prescribed by a doctor, usually topically this ointment and drops, inside antibiotics.

If the tests in the clinic showed no infections, fungi and mites, injuries and inflammations was not, but the cat ears visible redness and rashes that may be allergic. To help relieve symptoms able ointment from allergies. But for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment should consult the vet allergist.

It is worth periodically cleaning the ears of dirt, even if the pet is healthy and is not worried.

To clean the ears you can use drops that are always available in veterinary pharmacy, or use peroxide. A small amount of the drug is applied on a sterile gauze swab that ear cleaned of contaminants.