The tradition of embroidery came to us from England, so the number of the canvas is determined by the number of cells per inch.
For starters, carefully inspect the package of the canvas, the size must be specified by the manufacturer. Most likely, you will see such inscription: 14 Count, 14.5 mm w x 20,86 h cm. 14 Count is 14 cells per inch. Marking a 14.5 w x 20,86 cm h specifies the width (width) and height (height) of the rim in inches.
If packaging is not available, measure the inch border with a ruler. To do this, carefully lay the fabric on a flat place, attach it to a ruler. Mark with pins the length of an inch. Count the number of cells between the pins.
It should be noted that not every home owner the house has a inch ruler. But to get out of this situation is very simple. Check the pins 2.54 cm - this is inch.
The size of the canvas with which the masters work very often, it's easy to calculate to the centimeter ruler. For this room of the canvas, divide by 2.54 and multiply by 10.
Thus, you get:
№18 (18 / 2,54 * 10 = 71) it is 71 cell 10 cm
№16 (16 / 2,54 * 10 = 63) it was 63 cells per 10 cm
№14 (14 / 2,54 * 10 = 55) 55 cells in 10 cm
№11 (11 / 2,54 * 10 = 43) this 43 cells per 10 cm
You can also use the program for converting images to embroidery scheme. This program will calculate the number of the canvas, the size of the future drawing, quantity and cost of the necessary threads.
As example, consider the program EmbroBox ( In the section "calibration" enter the counted number of cells on 10 cm, compare your outline with the image on the monitor. Manipulate the buttons "larger" and "smaller" while on-screen and real canvas do not match. Click "finish".
There is also a canvas, not having expressed squares, which are just evenly woven fabric. For this canvas size calculation is made on the same principle.
First, decide how many threads the length and breadth will be in one box. Next mark one inch and count the number of squares in it. Now that we know the size of the canvas, you can calculate the size of the embroidery. Don't forget allowances for the hem.