You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application to the FMS;
  • - documents for the right of tenure;
  • - written consent of the homeowners;
  • - birth certificate of the child.
The situation first. The child's father has owned housing. It was he himself and his child. The child's mother after the divorce here is not registered, but would like to register for housing, which spelled out her child. In this case, will not be the child's mother is no obstacle, if her former husband will consent to the registration of women in your space.

The collection of documents in this case will be minimal. The woman will need proof of her identity, the statement on the letterhead of the service of the Federal migration service about the desire to register at a specific address. Along with it the bodies of the Federal migration service must come her ex-husband with the documents confirming the right of possession of housing. He also needs to give written consent on registration for their housing former spouse.
The second situation. Her husband is totally against the registration of the ex-wife in his living space. Attempt to resolve the dispute is possible only in court. In accordance with applicable law, without the consent of the owner of the property, as well as people who have a right to a share in this property to register another person for this housing will be illegal.
The third situation. The child was in a shelter alone, without parents. For example, his grandparents or other relatives. However, the homeowners against the registration for this housing. In this case, the mother has the right in court to file a statement of claim against the dolevikov of the housing. In his statement of claim, she needs to demand that the court recognized her right to tenure to that point, until the child reaches adulthood.

This application is made by the mother of the child to the court at the place of residence. Attached is the documents for proof of identity, certificate of birth, certificate of registration and whereabouts of both parents of the child. Keep in mind that the right of residence in the apartment where the child is registered, the mother to can, and to register in it - no. You have to ask permission from all participants in the share ownership.