You will need
  • -petition for removal from the register (in person of registered or notarized Trustee)
  • -application for discharge of child from parents, legal representatives or guardians
  • -the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship
  • -the court's decision
  • -a statement from the owners (if the registration was temporary)
At the residence of an adult, for a living space requires a notarized authorization, or personal presence of all homeowners or all was if the apartment municipal. To register in the apartment belonging on the property rights for the local municipality requires permission to register from the authorities. For registration of minors the consent of the proprietor and the local municipality is not required, it is put on the registration account upon application and permission of the parents, guardians or legal representatives at their place of residence.
To write a mother and child can be in accordance with the Government Decree on the rules of registration and removal from registration of citizens, as well as their new edition. Need to be guided by decree No. 512 from 23.04.96., No. 172 dated 14.02.97., No. 231 of 16.03.200., 3 825 from 22.12.04.
In accordance with the law, a citizen, registered on the housing permanently, must apply for deregistration. If this is impossible, you can apply a notary Trustee of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
Minor children can be removed from the register only at the request of parents, legal representatives or guardians.
If these persons do not wish to apply for a personal desire to withdraw from the register, then it can be done only by court order. In all other cases, extract the mother and child would be illegal.
If the minor child was discharged at the request of parents, guardians or legal representatives, as he has nowhere to live and write, respectively, too, the statement to the court filed by bodies of guardianship and guardianship, parents or legal representatives, the registration can be restored, because the statement considers a violation of the rights of minors on registration and accommodation.
In the case that mother and child were spelled out temporarily, the registration expires at the end of the period or at the request of the homeowners. In this case, a personal statement from a registered notary or their Trustees is not required.
Responsible for the registration and deregistration officials, approved by the RF Government Resolution № 713 from 17.07.95., must strictly follow the Commission of registration and deregistration and commit these actions in accordance with the law. That is, if your personal statement or notarized statement from the Trustees of the registered person is not received, the deregistration can only be made by the court.