People every day interact with many other people. One of them treats him with warmth, and someone can literally hate him. And the hostility is not necessarily justified, because there are so many envious and frankly evil people who can dislike another just because it exists. Such people tend to shower the person with swear words and curses that can cause great harm to its delicate shell.

Curse: what to do someone has cursed?

Can curse and blood relative, and met by chance passer-by, and the once loved one. What is the curse? This is the promise of huge amounts of energy to the detriment of the person. Our subconscious mind Willy-nilly remembers heard, and the person begins to unconsciously attract more and more unpleasant situations, which sometimes is basically impossible to win. That is why you need to break the curse before there was irreparable.

A true believer, who was cursed, you need to pray to the Lord that He broke the curse. "Churched" people know that no one hair of their head will not fall without the will of the Lord, why curse other people they must not be terrible.

How to remove a curse and is it even possible?

The curse of hating you and a friend can have great destructive power. Sometimes a person, whose life begins to crumble on all fronts – health, finances, family life – time is drawn to the magician and he diagnose that the cause of all that is happening is that the person cursed. He can lift the curse through a special ritual. If the ritual is successful promptly a person's life is getting better.

If damn has a prejudice against mages, sorcerers, fortune-tellers and clairvoyants, he can remove the curse yourself. So can make a true Christian believer living according to the commandments and participate in Church sacraments. If the person who was cursed, lives a righteous life and regularly goes to Church, addressed his curses gradually diminished, and eventually the curse simply stops to operate.

Thus, remove the curse on their own is possible, but it is quite a long and laborious process. By getting rid of such destructive negativity should not be delayed, because the curse has the ability to take root in the etheric body of man and transmitted to his descendants. Therefore, it is best to turn to a strong mage who will remove all negativity and return it to curse.