You will need
  • - wires;
  • - electric cooker with instructions;
  • - screwdriver with an indicator;
  • socket;
  • - a plug.
Unzip the purchased electric stove. Carefully study the attached Assembly instruction: it sets out requirements for the safe connection of the appliance. Carefully inspect the plate to identify visible damage and defects.
Check the flap. To connect electric cooker, induction cable going to the apartment must be copper with a minimum cross-sectional area of 6 mm2. In addition, there should be an automatic (40-50 Amps). However, must be provided emergency power off via the RCD.
Please note that electric stoves are sold with a cable intended for connection of the unit into the power outlet, and without it. Because of this, there are two ways to connect electric stoves: connection directly, i.e., without a power outlet, and using a power outlet.
If the appliance is connected directly, to begin with look on the rear panel of the device housing transactions (there may be from three to five). For example, it found there three phase wires. Data wires connect the phase wire from the panel: black phase wire shield connect to terminal L blue to terminal N and green-yellow pipe to ground.
If the connecting appliance is performed using power outlets, there may be two options of connection of the unit. First: install the cable coming from the appliance, the plug, which would be consistent with the existing kitchen outlets. But there is one caveat: the fact that the power outlets even in Soviet times, not very reliable, so there is a risk that the power supply is unstable (the reasons are different: the old socket is loose, bad contacts, etc.), which will lead to premature failure of the appliance. Second: replace the old power socket to the new Euro standard, and the cable, install a plug into this socket.