You will need
  • Gas hose, two movable key, as with threaded connections and special gas PREROLL.
To connect the gas hob will need a special hose, his choice should be given special attention, because this will depend on your safety. Hoses are selifonova (looks like corrugated metal) and a metal braid (yellow risk), you can also buy a special rubber gas hoses (the solid colors). The gas hose must be certified (the certificate is present at purchase), to buy it in a specialty store.
Unpack the gas cooking panel, inspect it for mechanical damage. If all goes well, with the help of movable keys connect the gas hose to the faucet, which is mounted in the gas (input gas valve). Below in the link there is no leakage, use special gas PREROLL.
Now connect the gas hose to the cooker hob. Please note that it may be two outputs – one for connecting to the gas cylinder, and the other to the gas pipeline. Using the instructions specify what kind of output you need to use and connect the gas hose.
Once you have connected the gas hob to the gas line, open the input gas valve and apply a soapy solution on all connections. If motion film was not observed, so everything is in order, it is possible to check the operation of the panel. Open the burner and wait a few seconds until you're out of air, then ignite it. Test each burner. Install the hob horizontally, so that your pots and pans do not move out with her.