When designing a kitchen it is necessary to examine the passport of the oven that you plan to incorporate into one of his drawers. Here you can find a overall performance of electrical equipment, which further need to look for when choosing boxes of the right size.

Where it is impossible to install the socket

Before you decide on the location of the outlet for the oven, you need to explore options where it is not recommended:

- the socket cannot be installed on the wall behind the oven, otherwise it will be impossible to use. Moreover, it will interfere with the installation of the oven in a box;
- socket should be located away from the wash zone, including where there is a sewer drain (electricity and water are incompatible);
- the socket cannot be installed near the appliance.

Sometimes an outlet is necessary to install in the box under the sink that is not recommended. This files most often select this option for lack of other convenient locations. In this case, socket must be equipped with protection from moisture.

Where should be located the socket for the oven

Properly installed outlet for the oven should be placed below the level of the tabletop, preferably inside the box. Thus it is necessary to ensure free access to it from outside. This may require partial or complete removal of the rear wall of the box. How would qualitatively nor was the wiring in the house, it can happen to anything at any time. And to protect yourself from fire and electrical equipment from damage, to all sockets of the house should be provided normal access. This will allow at any time to disconnect devices from the network.

Except in a duct, socket for electric oven, you can set the following available areas:

- on the wall, which is beside the box under the hood;
- on the apron (working wall) kitchen;
- outside the kitchen.

Washing from the oven to the outlet, regardless of its location, may be done by extension cord. It, in turn, can be placed over the set, namely the gap between the boxes and the wall. Not to use an extension cord, mount the socket in the radius of not less than one meter from the place of installation.

If you are in doubt of the correctness of their choice it is useful to seek advice from a professional electrician who will not only consult you on the search for a suitable place, but also help to produce the socket.