What to do when you see a pimple

Pimples on the skin can be a sign of hormonal malfunction. However, on the individual pimples popping up not more than 3 times a week, do not worry.

The appearance on the skin of the pimple should not tear or squeeze out. Otherwise it may aggravate the situation, causing infection and inflammation. In addition, when you extrude you can easily damage the veins and capillaries.

The pimple and the skin around it should be treated with a medication with a drying and antiseptic effect. You can use cosmetic toners containing salicylic acid or alcohol tincture of aloe, calendula, chamomile. After that, it is advisable to apply on the pimple small amount of vitamin A or E.
Vitamins A and E help accelerate recovery of damaged skin.

To camouflage a pimple, you can use Foundation or tinted pencil having a therapeutic effect. Since ultraviolet light can worsen the skin condition, you should try to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

With numerous acne specialists may be administered antibiotics and Antiprotozoal drugs. First help with suppuration, the second – in inflammatory acne. In addition to medication can be added to hardware methods.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid rashes, should be carried out daily skin care, and at the first sign of new pimples, to take curative measures. If the inflammatory process is suppressed in its early stages, the pimple will not increase in size and the healing will take place in a short time.

To ensure that the skin remains clean, it should every morning and evening to wash with soap and water. After washing the face is recommended to wipe with salicylic alcohol, disinfecting the skin and reduces its greasiness.
Greasy skin is more common for young people, which is hormonal changes the body and the natural process of growing up.

In addition to daily hygiene procedures, is highly desirable purifying steam bath from rashes. They can be made on the basis of herbs such as calendula, celandine, sage, chamomile. Grass one or several plants is brewed with boiling water in a ratio of 1:10, brought to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. After removing from heat the broth, you need to tilt your face over it for 15 minutes. To steam not left, should something be covered. After this procedure, it is necessary to blot face with a towel and gently remove left on the surface of the skin grease tube acne and the contents soaked with hydrogen peroxide with a napkin. Such baths promote deep cleansing of the skin and have anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended to do them a couple times a week.