You will need
  • - hot steam
  • - cotton pads
  • - cotton swabs
  • - alcohol
  • - iodine
Before you squeeze a pimple, the skin it is advisable to hold it over hot steam. It will become softer and pimple squeeze out easier.
Need to soak a cotton ball with alcohol and RUB the place where the pimple is located.
Carefully using two fingers start to press the pimple. If the procedure is too painful, it means that the pimple is not yet ripe and should be postponed. In this case, helps the iodine. You need a cotton swab to dip into the iodine and hold it in the place of the pimple for a few minutes. Maybe the pimple will go down, and push it will not have to.
If a pimple is squeezed successfully, it is necessary to disinfect the wound. This will suit medical alcohol. You have to dip in it a cotton pad and hold in place squeezed pimple. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, which should gradually decrease.
The process of healing of the wound is different. If the pimple has been squeezed out not completely, then perhaps the appearance of pus. In this case, you can either repeat the procedure or just grease a pimple with iodine.
If a pimple is squeezed fully, then formed a dry crust, which cannot be disrupted. It must disappear by itself. Leaves the crust on the second or third day.
In order to avoid acne, wash your face twice a day and use special tonics, after which apply to face moisturizer.