You will need
  • - Allen wrench;
  • - wooden block;
  • - a white piece of cloth.
For more easy removal of the wheel from the scooter first remove the muffler. To do this, disconnect the seat and lower plastic skirt, then you can loosen the screws that are involved in the attachment of the muffler to the frame, but in any case do not remove them completely.
Now remove the nuts that attach the muffler to the cylinder, and only then finally remove the bolts. While holding the muffler with your free hand, carefully remove it. Try not to lose the rubber gasket is laid between it and the cylinder. After it is removed, take a clean piece of cloth and close it at the outlet of the cylinder. To tighten bolts that are convenient to use mechanical key, and in order to make it easier to keep the wheel lock lever rear brake with a rope. It is useful to examine a removed silencer for the presence of soot.
Only after the scooter will be removed silencer, you can start the direct dismantling of its rear wheels, which requires to Unscrew the nut. To do this, hold the rear brake. In most cases, the nut is then easily removed. If not, try to stall the wheel. You can use a wooden block which slides in the disc. At the same time you can open the lid of the variator, to make it easier to keep the puck clutch hand. It will not allow the rear wheel to scroll.
Once the nut is unscrewed, remove the wheel from the slot, after which can start its repair. Upon completion gather all the disassembled parts of the scooter in the reverse order. First, be sure to coat the threads of the shaft fixing part and cover the splines with grease.