You will need
  • - your documents;
  • - documents of the testator;
  • - documents for the property;
  • - an inventory of the property;
  • - the death certificate.
For notification of their rights to inheritance, contact the notary office. Present your passport and proof of kinship with the deceased, a death certificate, an extract from the house register from the place of residence of the deceased, inventory of estates, documents of title to the abandoned property.
If some documents are lost or you do not, the notary is obliged to make inquiries in the right organization and support you in obtaining the necessary documents for acceptance of the inheritance.
About their rights to Express personally through a notary or trusted individuals to send documents by postal mail with the investment inventory. Deadline for acceptance of inheritance is 6 months, so you will need to claim their rights at a specified time. If you failed, you are deemed missing. To restore them you have to go to court and present the package is compelling evidence that the missing dates is valid. For example, if you were on a long business trip, did not know about the death of the testator, were sick or were in prison, it is considered a valid reason for recovery time.
If the inheritance was divided among the other heirs, you have the right to demand their share in cash.
If the deceased acquired the property in a registered marriage, then the spouse is entitled to 50% of the total assets. To the estate will include only the share owned by the testator.
If by the date of registration and section of inheritance of all the heirs, conceived during the lifetime of the testator, came into the world, then you will receive a certificate of inheritance the share of the hereditary mass.
If you are unable to voluntarily divide the property, then the certificate of inheritance you will receive only after the division of property in a judicial order, having the order of the court.