You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a will;
  • - a document certifying the degree of relationship with the testator;
  • - a list of inheritable property.
The day of opening inheritance shall be the date of death of the person who owns the property. Within six months after the heirs must apply to the state notary office at the place of residence of the deceased and to open a probate case.
Provide notary passport, death certificate, document confirming family relationship with the deceased or the Testament. If there are several heirs, they can go to the notary together.
Make a list of inherited property. It can be privatized apartment, car, land, vacation home, cash accounts, stocks, breeding animals, jewelry, Antiques, etc. Within six months from the date of opening of the inheritance , this list can grow.
Specify their rights of inheritance. If you are mentioned in the will, keep in mind that there are relatives of the deceased, which in any case will get their share. These include spouses, parents and children who are disabled or minors. Keep in mind, and the so-called marital share in the common property. The joint property of husband and wife after the death of one of the spouses is divided in half. A bequest can move only half of conventionally owned by the deceased.
If you are an heir according to the law, please note that the heirs of second and third stage have the right to property only in the absence of priority – parents, spouses and children including adopted. That is, brother or grandchild of the deceased is called upon to inherit only in the absence of the deceased's closer relatives. If there are several heirs of one turn, the property is divided between them.
The legal heirs have the right to use the property of the deceased, for example, to live in his apartment. It will be considered as the actual adoption of the inheritance. However, if their rights will be declared null and void, they will be obliged to return all property. In any case, the heirs may not sell or otherwise dispose of them to the complete membership at right.
After six months from the date of opening of the inheritance, obtain a notary certified certificate confirming your rights. Same document get all the other heirs. After that, they will score and the actual division of property.
Keep in mind that the claims on the property of other people could do after you close your inheritance cases. All disputes shall be settled in court. The court will consider the new circumstances and will either confirm your rights to the inheritance, or revise them.