First contact with the other heirs, who took his share of the inheritance specified in the termI. Each of them has to give his written consent for you to receive your share. After receiving consent from everyone mentioned in the will, you will be able to receive the inheritance. In this case, you will not even need the intervention of the court, will be sufficient to provide the necessary paperwork to the notary and ask him to amend the documents. However, if at least one of the heirs refuses to you will have to resolve the matter through the courts.
Find out that you saved your share of the inheritance. The fact is that if the fault of other heirs owed to you property was damaged, destroyed, stolen, etc., then you are entitled to compensation. As a rule, to get compensation is necessary in court, and prove their right to inheritance, and the fact that the fault of other people have not been provided the physical safety of the property.
Contact the court if you get a legacy other ways failed. Note that the court will consider your business only if you have had a good reason to ignore the statutory deadlineand you filed a statement of claim not later than six months after these causes of lost power. The valid reasons are severe illness, long business trip, the lack of information on the death of the testator, etc.
Gather evidence that you could not accept the inheritance before. For example, if you suffered a severe illness, provide all the relevant medical reports and certificates which will help to confirm your innocence. If you were leaving on a long trip, you can require certificates of employment.
Please note that your right to the inheritance is confirmed by the court if you can prove what actually took what you owed, within six months after the death of the testator. For this you need in advance to collect debts owed to the testator, or to pay his debts at his own expense, to spend money on the maintenance of inherited property, to protect it from claims of third parties, etc.