To make the inheritance from the notary or in a judicial order. As a rule, in the court of appeal persons who missed the time of entry into the inheritance, if the heirs of a dispute about the property of the testator or the heirs at law trying to overturn the will of the testator. Probate in court is always difficult and requires a lot of paperwork and time on litigation. The law provides a mandatory list of persons entitled to a compulsory share of inheritance, even if they are not in the will. Such persons include: minors or disabled children of the testator, disabled spouses, parents and dependants. These persons will receive a share of inheritance by reducing the share of the heirs under the will.
If the inheritance is by will, then the heir may require only a passport and a certificate of death of the testator. If the inheritance is by law, it is necessary to submit documents confirming kinship with the deceased's passport, death certificate, certificate of residence and registration of the testator at the date of death, and you will also need to list all persons living together with the deceased. For inheritance registration need to fill out an application form from each heir, refusal to enter into the inheritance must be made in writing by a notary.
For the registration of ownership of immovable property must provide the title and right supporting documents on objects of real estate. These include the treaties on the basis of which arose the right of ownership, as well as documents on privatization, entry into the inheritance, etc., a certificate of ownership. A certificate from the bodies, carrying out technical inventory and registration of real property documents for the land plot, cadastral and technical passport, an extract from the unified state register of rights. Document indicating the value of the property (inventory, inventory, market).
If the hereditary weight of a vehicle, for its design will need to provide the vehicle registration document (TCP) certificate of registration of the vehicle and report on its market value. If you want to make inherit the shares, then you need to provide an extract from the register of shareholders issued by the Registrar, and a certificate about market value of securities. If the deceased owned a cash Deposit, a passbook or the Deposit agreement, you must also provide information about the credit institution where the invested funds. If this information is missing, it turns out the notary on the basis of the request.