You will need
  • -a statement about the desire to enter into the inheritance
  • -certificate of testator's death
  • -marriage certificate of the deceased, if changed name
  • documents for inherited property
  • -the documents confirming the kinship with the testator, except inheritance under the will
All the heirs should personally apply to the notary for opening a probate. It must be done within 6 months after the death of the testator. The right to inheritance shall be issued within six months. To divide the property only after obtaining the rights to it.
Notary's office, select the latest musts of residence of the testator. If this fact is not known, refer to the notary of the area of finding the most valuable part of the inheritance.
If you have not returned within 6 months for Declaration of his right to the inheritance, you must present documentary proof that it was a good reason. If the notary considers the reason is not valid or you do not have documentary evidence that it is respectful, then opening a probate will have to produce in court.
The division of inheritance is divided equally among the heirs. If there is a will and it States that it is inherited by each individual person, that he receives. If the will lists only the names of the heirs and what each inherits is not specified, the inheritance is divided equally.
The heirs can agree on the share of each or divide all in court. The co-owners of the deceased have the right of preferential receipt of the shares, which were in common ownership. Are the rightm benefits are only for 3 years. After this period, all pre-emptive rights are lost.
Inheritance can be waived in favor of another heir or to give up entirely. You can not apply for their right to inheritance. Your entire share will be divided among the other heirs.
Spouse have the right to a half share of all inherited property.
After a period of 6 months has expired, the heirs receive the right of inheritance. From this point they are considered full owners of their share of the property.
Issued by the notary the document on the right to inheritance shall be registered in the public registration center.