If after seeing a specialist and undergoing the recommended treatment cough in a child does not pass, it is necessary to consider possible ways of solving the problem.
Suggested tips can be used only in the absence of pathologies and elevated temperature.

It should be noted that coughing is a protective reflex mechanism. Usually it is triggered in response to various stimuli of the respiratory tract.

The treatment of cough

Today on the shelves of pharmacies a wide range of tablets and syrups against cough. About their miraculous properties say on television. However, most of these remedies only mask and suppress cough. To get involved in children these drugs are not worth it. You must help the body to cope with the problem.

Treatment should begin with the inhalation. In this case, suitable hot water and herbal decoctions. To do this, the pharmacy can buy dry the collection of oregano, sage, eucalyptus, peppermint, or chamomile. This procedure effectively warms the Airways, thins the mucus and kills bacteria.
To conduct inhalation should be at night before bed.

To help cure a cough and mustard. In children they should be put through a cloth so as not to burn or skin irritation. Optimum treatment time: 5-7 minutes.

Treatment of sore throat

To remove the inflammatory process in the throat of a child can be the people's ways:

A solution of Apple cider vinegar (helps with fungal infections of the throat).
Iodine solution (3 drops), soda (1 teaspoon), salt (2 teaspoons), a glass of water.
Solution of propolis (in a glass of water 3 drops of oil).

The proposed solution used for gargling of the child from 3 years. It should be noted that the water should be warm.

Remedies from sore throats in children should be chosen with extreme caution. A sick child is often naughty and refuses the proposed treatment. Well with this problem right:

- herbal teas for rinsing of mother-and-stepmother, sage, or chamomile;
- med;
- sea buckthorn oil (they lubricate the main foci of inflammation).

Folk tips and recipes may be applied in the absence of individual intolerance of the components of the sick child. If long time cough and sore throat do not back down you should immediately apply for re-consultation with your doctor. Remember: early treatment is the key to the health of your children.