There are several ways to treat red throat in infants. When this medication method of treatment involves the use of drugs for getting rid of redness.
Typically, doctors prescribe in this case: "Septefril" (mash a quarter of a tablet and mix with a teaspoon of water), syrup "Erespal" sprays "Tantum Verde", "Geksoral". There is also a large number of gels that need to lubricate the sore throat of the child.
There are safer means to treat the red neck of the child. These tools include the methods of traditional medicine.
Can rinse the baby's throat prepared decoction of chamomile or calendula. Will buy this in the pharmacy a large syringe to it to gently irrigate the throat a sick toddler.
Let the baby drink warm chamomile tea.
Take 100 grams of water, 1 tablespoon of tincture of licorice root, three cough drops (they are called), three tablets "Mukaltin". All the ingredients dissolve. Let the resulting solution to a child, sore throats, one teaspoon every hour or two.
Rinse the neck of the baby in a decoction of sage. To do this, take 2 teaspoons of dried herb sage and fill with boiling water. Cover the container with liquid lid and allow to brew for 15 minutes. Then, when the liquid has cooled (it should be warm) rinse the kid is sick the neck. While it is best hold the child over the bath.
Make your child's throat compress of warm fat cottage cheese. Secure it lightly with a warm scarf. After a few hours, change the cottage cheese and leave the scarf at your neck for several hours.
Give your baby plenty to drink. Make a warm tea and add some honey. This tea, let's drink to the child every half hour.