Advice 1: How to play the rope

Those who studied in Soviet times, remember the wonderful game "Rope". The point of this fun is simple: to find a suitable rope or thick string to create shapes. The origins of this game originated from the Indian tribes who are using their images told about some event.
How to play the rope
Play the string alone or with company. Locate the rope is longer and denser. The optimum thickness of 4 mm.
For the best slip and executing the necessary elements of the rough surface of the rope. These qualities will allow you to perform all the exercises. For example, "the Sun, Moon and Stars" or "Distended abdomen".
There are three types of loops: long, short and medium. Long loop necessary for the execution of large figures on a string – "Two bears" or "Two roof". Short - for small, and medium – to small, such as Nanakoma.
To create the loops necessary to connect the two loose ends via cauterization or merge the thread.
Better start learning with the simplest of elements. For example "Two stars". Looks like a figure of two diamonds, United by a common rope. The principle is simple: to put a rope on his hands and by crossing one side to the other, to create the two diamonds.
Go after confident perform this exercise to exercise "A rope". The thread is on the fingers. Using another hands free overhanging side "travels" between your fingers. Then pulling the thread that unites the fingers and hands is a whole thread.
Go the successful execution of easy exercises to more difficult tasks.
Another game option is to play rope with his feet. The principle is simple: select two high people who take the end of the rope, and go in different directions so that it hung to the ground. And all the others jump over the rope during its rotation, carried out by the two holding ends. The rope should be thick and very wide.
Another way to play – jumping over elastic, rope and so on. For these games require: connected and an elastic band; suitable for the growth of jump rope. To measure it it's just need to stand in the middle of the rope and lift the ends up. The perfect option – she should be under the armpit. They can play alone and collectively.

Advice 2: How to play po

Even twenty years ago it would be difficult to find at least one girl who wouldn't know how to play the elastic. Such entertainment at that time was incredibly popular among children aged 5 to 15 years. The girls played in the house and at school at recess and in the yard with friends, and home, pulling a handy material on the chairs. After some time, so much fun has been unjustly forgotten, but now playing the clip again becoming popular.

How to play po

Rules of children's games "Rubber band"

Like all brilliant, the rules of the game in rezinochku very simple. For this fun will require a piece of elastic bands for underwear with a length of 2-4 meters and the participants of the game more than 3 people. Elastic bind, thus forming a closed loop, and stretch the legs of two players. Then the third party starts to make jumps through it.
Possible and this option when playing not three but four people, that is in pairs. In this case the second partner can do the activity instead of the player who committed the error.

The elastic during the game, raise the legs each time getting higher. First, it takes the initial position, i.e., at the level of the ankle. The highest position is the most difficult jump, the belt.

After error-free execution of the exercises at the primary level, the player repeats them on the next. If he makes a mistake when performing exercises, the turn passes to the next player. Thus blundered takes place inside the path clip.

Child's play, "Rezinochka": options exercise

"Birch". Start position: standing sideways to the elastic. Jump over the first one half and then through the second. Do it so that the rubber band between your feet. Jump out for her.

"Pedestrians." Starting position: standing facing the elastic. Jump on it to squeeze each half to the ground with his foot. After that switch legs.

"Step". Starting position: standing facing the elastic. Jump on the near half of the bands so that one leg was under her and the other pinned her to the ground. Jump over to the other half of the clip, changing the position of the feet. Jump out of loop and repeat in the other direction.

"Bow". Starting position: standing facing the elastic. Jump on the near half of the bands so that one leg was under her and the other pinned her to the ground. Then, without lifting the rubber band, jump on the other half, while having legs symmetrically. Jump out beyond the clip.

"Handkerchief". Starting position: standing facing the elastic. Jump to the far half of the bands, pressing it with both feet to the ground. In this near-half must cling to your feet. You jump outside the bands. In another embodiment, in this game you need to jump, and jump over the far half of the gum.
A set of exercises and sequence of their execution in various versions of the game in rezinochku can vary significantly.

The "candy". Starting position: inside twisted like candy wrappers candy, gum. Bounce, allowing the elastic to spin and land feet on both halves.

Variety of exercises can be many. Also may impose additional, the most difficult levels when the elastic is stretched on the height of the neck and underarms. Learning to play the elastic at the elementary level child will have plenty to exercise your imagination, coming up with new and interesting exercises. In addition to the health benefits and weight loss, the game in rezinochku can be a great way to escape from the Internet and find new friends.
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