Play the string alone or with company. Locate the rope is longer and denser. The optimum thickness of 4 mm.
For the best slip and executing the necessary elements of the rough surface of the rope. These qualities will allow you to perform all the exercises. For example, "the Sun, Moon and Stars" or "Distended abdomen".
There are three types of loops: long, short and medium. Long loop necessary for the execution of large figures on a string – "Two bears" or "Two roof". Short - for small, and medium – to small, such as Nanakoma.
To create the loops necessary to connect the two loose ends via cauterization or merge the thread.
Better start learning with the simplest of elements. For example "Two stars". Looks like a figure of two diamonds, United by a common rope. The principle is simple: to put a rope on his hands and by crossing one side to the other, to create the two diamonds.
Go after confident perform this exercise to exercise "A rope". The thread is on the fingers. Using another hands free overhanging side "travels" between your fingers. Then pulling the thread that unites the fingers and hands is a whole thread.
Go the successful execution of easy exercises to more difficult tasks.
Another game option is to play rope with his feet. The principle is simple: select two high people who take the end of the rope, and go in different directions so that it hung to the ground. And all the others jump over the rope during its rotation, carried out by the two holding ends. The rope should be thick and very wide.
Another way to play – jumping over elastic, rope and so on. For these games require: connected and an elastic band; suitable for the growth of jump rope. To measure it it's just need to stand in the middle of the rope and lift the ends up. The perfect option – she should be under the armpit. They can play alone and collectively.