Enter kids players for the classic game of "Cat and mouse". The number of people not limited, but still stick to the optimal number (10-30 people). Age kids can start from four years. To play "Cat and mouse" is better in open areas.
Arrange children in a circle. Let's join hands, thus forming a "closed" space.
Select two conducting (on their own child or with the help of rhymes). One would be a cat, another the mouse. A child who is the mouse, run in a circle, another kid remains round.
Explain the rules of the game: cat, entering the circle must catch the mouse. The guys forming a barrier that hindered the cat to come inside the circle. The cat is allowed to break the chain of players going under the linked hands of a child or jump over them. When the cat manages to get into the circle, children playing, release the mouse and try not to let the circle cat.
When the cat touched a hand to the mouse (catch it), declare it a victory, and lose the mouse.
Select the following a few driving and start the game again. For a more lively and fun game, select a few pairs of mice and cats.
Participate in the reality game for motorists "Cat and mouse". It complied with the principle of the classic game: a cat must catch a mouse. On a certain area of the city, the organizers produced a few cars (mice) identification signs (words, letters, etc.). Participants (cats) on the machines trying to find the car in the city-mouse. Discovered by stopping the mouse, the cat gets a certain task that needs to execute with their team and earn points. The winner is the one who catches the most mice and earn more points. Remember that it is not the one who goes and one who is attentive.