What changes in the body can signal the beginning of the cancer process?

Timely detection of cancer in most cases contributes to their successful treatment. The main thing – immediately to respond to any changes in health and report them to the doctor.

Any unexplained weight loss in most patients, cancer centres was the first sign of a pathological process. If there are no problems of the thyroid gland was not observed the diet, was active playing sports and was not a specific goal to lose weight, weight loss may signal the development of serious diseases.

Unexplained bleeding in women is another disturbing harbinger for the possible development of the tumor. Emerged in predmenopauzne age, they can indicate endometrial cancer or colon.
Chronic fatigue or lack of energy with proper diet and a rational mode of work and rest may be signs of leukemia.

The increase and compaction of the lymph nodes in the neck and in the armpits are not always told about the cancer. But checked at the doctor once again does not hurt, since such changes can be a sign of bad changes to the lymph nodes.

Reaction of the skin malignant neoplasms

The reason for the suspicion of breast cancer is not only a breast lump. Some cases of thickening of the breast skin and rashes on her over the most dangerous form of cancer inflammatory. A modification of the nipple and any discharge from them also require urgent and immediate specialist advice.

Cancer skin disease melanoma at an early stage may begin with minor changes of the skin. Malignancy occurs or in an existing mole or starts with the formation of a new, larger nevus.

In the early stages of development melanoma, the doctor may determine on such deviations of moles as:
- distortion of their edges, and asymmetry;
- the acquisition of the mole bright red, black and a bluish color;
- bleeding, itching, cover crusts;
- the size of the nevus exceeds the value of 7 mm.

Blood in the products of defecation as a symptom of cancer

The presence of bright red or dark blood in the stool is a clear symptom of the pathology of the digestive tract. Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, feeling full bowel after going to the toilet may indicate the course of the disease process.
Detection of cancer – not an easy task, because malignancy can masquerade as other diseases, in a similar symptoms.

However, afraid of blood in advance should not be. Need a few days to observe the nature of the chair and only in the absence of changes for the better to consult a doctor, because of its appearance in the stool could be certain foods or drugs.