To feign illness or to catch a cold, choose only to you. Option simulation, of course, safer, but he has a less lasting effect, and if you need to get you to believe that you really are sick, there is a danger that this plan won't work.


Find in your home something you are going to sneeze. For example, it may be tobacco, geranium leaves, pepper. That should work. However in a relatively short period of time. To touch eye (mascara or just something caustic), because profuse tearing is the first sign of the disease. It is possible to RUB salt in the underarms, by the way, this is perfect any warming ointment. When you measure temperature, it will be high.
Magnesium sulfate in the evening before bed will not give you the morning kick you into the street, as if after such a drug in the morning you drink a glass of water, all day in the toilet, you are guaranteed.

In addition, it is possible to increase its pressure. The first option is that you'll need to drink more than two cups of coffee (but it doesn't work for all) or before checking the pressure sharply several times to stretch the calves of the legs.

There is a very popular way to get sick. Try to drip a drop of iodine on the sugar and eat it. This increased temperature. But if you have the body of iodine deficiency, such a method will not work. And the core of this method is also not suitable as it is too dangerous.

Like really sick for one day

There is one heavy way to heat plastic and breathe over it. Dry cough and poisoning you provided. You could burn the mouth strongly heated by oil. Red throat in any case guarantees the hospital. Conventional hypothermia can be wet feet and socks in the icy water. Wear on your feet is wet socks and shoes and go walk outside.
Scarf during a stroll to put not necessary.

In addition, you can go hot to cold and thoroughly there to cool. After a workout, or running, for example. However, you have the danger of catching not only trivial bronchitis and severe pneumonia. Ice-cold beer or ice cream with icy mineral water - more gentle, but no less effective means.

If you have a steady desire to deliberate self-harm in different ways myself, psych is also an option of getting a certificate about your illness. The latter method is, of course, joking, but every joke, as they say, is the truth.