Training buildings

After the first impressions of the game a bit to fit in the head, any player begins to conceive any large-scale construction. And no wonder – in Minecraft the only limit for the global construction plans serves the imagination of the player.
Typically, the first buildings people choose some famous buildings.

Minecraft server filled with replicas of the Eiffel tower and other famous buildings. This could be good practice before building something truly unique. To understand the principle of building in "Minecraft" you can try to build a building in the "art" where there are no problems with building materials and can fly.

Ideas for large-scale construction of buildings, sculptures and mechanisms

After mastering the basics of construction you can think about building some castle. For this you need to draw a detailed plan of construction, to calculate how much and what material you will need to find a suitable area. Beautiful buildings are rarely on the bare wastelands, usually they are elegantly integrated into the landscape, it is necessary to take into account.

If the castle seems trite idea, you can throw the power to create a dragon or other huge mythical creatures. These sculptures are best to build on multiplayer servers, where other players can help with advice or resources. These sculptures can be decoration for the server.
Depending on modifications of the Minecraft alters the gameplay. Technical modifications, for example, allow you to build in the game a nuclear reactor.

Another version of the construction – story place. Such things are also better to build on multiplayer servers. Story or entertainment buildings can attract other players and make you a popular person on the server. Entertainment buildings you can create, for example, a mysterious maze with traps that are easy to create with the help of technical schemes of red dust (the local electricity). Such a maze could be built at the village or town, to write several "books" in which to tell an interesting story.

The only drawback in the construction of complex local mechanisms – they require a huge area.
If such entertainment is not to your liking, you can attend to the construction of complex mechanisms. Minecraft allows you to build anything. From the sawmill to the complex calculator or even a computer CPU.