The iron Golem in Minecraft

The iron Golem is the protector of villagers. It appears automatically when you the settlement you receive more than 20 doors, and at least 10 adults.

Iron Golem in Minecraft can be done independently. You need to place on a workbench with four blocks of iron, and over them put the Jack or the pumpkin.

Pumpkin is a rare item in the game, usually near the settlements. Pumpkin can also be grown from germ.

To make the Jack-in Minecraft, you need also to get the pumpkin and crafted a torch.


Snow Golem in Minecraft

The snow Golem is also not dangerous and even beneficial for the player. It is convenient to pave a path through the lava. It can also be used for permanent create snowballs. And if you put a Golem near the trap, encircling it from her, you can lure into the trap of the evil mobs. This is because the snow Golem throwing snowballs and attracts their attention.

To build a snow Golem in the game Minecraft, the crafting window you need to put with each other a few blocks of snow, which can be made of snowballs, and the top set pumpkin or Jack.


Stone Golem in Minecraft

The stone Golem also has a protective function. He can fight hand to hand, protecting the player from the zombies. This character can also serve as an infinite source of arrows.

To make a Golem in Minecraft stone can be on the same principle that iron and fashion of 4 of stone blocks and pumpkins.