How long does a tattoo?

Temporary henna tattoo or "mehendi" can be done at home. You need to buy the very henna in tube or soluble mixture, stencils, base vegetable oil. Stencils help to put a traditional pattern, which is very useful for beginners. Instead of overlapping stencils, you can use stamps, but this approach does not allow for the henna tattoo stand, so that the tattoo, applied by stamp in contrast to a normal will not last more than a week.
It is not necessary to apply a symmetrical pattern. Often a small delicate pattern with a clear asymmetry looks more interesting.

How to make a tattoo more resistant?

It is believed that the longer the mixture of henna dries on the skin, the more resistant will be the final pattern. That is why the site, which will be located tattoo, wipe a small amount of vegetable oil, then draw the pattern freehand or using stencils, and line drawing must be a thin "sausage" of henna, and then these "sausages" are regularly soaked in oil to make them dry as long as possible. This approach allows the henna to stay on the skin for up to three weeks, but no tricks will not allow regular tattoo of henna to stay on the skin year or at least a few months.

Especially effective is this procedure of drawing, if before you will make peeling the skin, affecting the area where you want to place the graphic. If it's legs, don't forget to do the waxing. Then the henna will go smoothly and beautifully.

You need to understand that henna tattoos the longest hold on her wrists and ankles, as these areas of the human skin is most dry, there is less of sebaceous glands, so that their allocation does not affect the picture. To figure lasted a little longer, in the first days it is desirable to exclude water treatments. A couple of times a week figure you can lubricate with a little oil, this will make the lines brighter.

The first time it is best to do "mehendi" in a special salon, where you can select the picture in the catalog to discuss with the master application, choose the color of henna. You need to consider that tanned skin traditional red henna can look rather dull. Burgundy or black for tan skin better, but they keep only a week and a half. This applies to any "colored" henna additives make it less resistant.

Usually henna is "slipping" fragments, otslaivanie on small scales. To speed up the drawing Department, you can go to the sauna, wipe the place of the pattern of alcohol soak in a bath teloi. But even in this case, the pattern will go for a few days.
Playing sports promotes sweating, and it destroys the picture, so at least in the early days, if you were tattooed to some specific event, it is better to avoid active sports.

Before applying the pattern it is best to check your skin for an allergic reaction, just put some henna in the knee or elbow. If within twenty to twenty five minutes, no redness or irritation, you can make yourself henna. If a negative reaction is manifested, it is better to forget about this kind of temporary tattoo.