Care and maintenance

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Slider turtles live a long time (not less than thirty years), but irresponsible and untrained owner can shorten the life of your pet for up to three years. This species of tortoise need to be kept in spacious vivariums. For one turtle you'll need aquarium 150-200 liters. The water should be warm and clean.

Although this reptile, and spends almost all the time in the water, he still needed land, where he could rest and walk. Therefore, the aquarium needs to be comfortable, a gradually rising slope. The Bank needs to be rough so that the tortoise can easily cling to it with their claws. Ideal if drying will take no less than a quarter of the area of the aquarium.
The young shell is of a bright green color, with time it becomes yellow-brown or olive.

For water purification you can use the external aquarium filter of any type. Young slider turtles will grow faster if the water in the aquarium will be clean. For complete replacement, it is recommended to use a pooled water (change water as needed but at least once a week). Turtles need warmth, so should be set over the island of the incandescent lamp, its heat is wonderful, and the light more like the sun.

Be sure to get the UV lamp in the cold season of the turtles is irradiated with the light for three minutes at a distance of half a meter. All animals and reptiles need sunlight, so in summer it is recommended to walk with a turtle, the temperature should not be below 25C. If pet's nails are too long, carefully trim them with nail clippers.
Be careful, as the claws are blood vessels.

What to feed a turtle?

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Pond slider turtles are happy to eat and pelleted feeds, and meat, and bloodworms. To fix a calcium deficiency, turtles need to be given boiled fish (low-fat varieties). The diet of the pet must not consist solely of meat, as the turtle may become ill with rickets. In the menu should include animal food, with age, better to give preference to plant foods. Under two years of age feed your turtle every day, Pets are older enough to feed two to three times a week.

Place the food near the water's edge. When trachemys'll get used to it, you can start to feed her on the island, putting food in a saucer of water. Pet should not experience a shortage in the vegetable Korma, give them the young leaves of cabbage and lettuce, and a variety of pond algae. Remember, if in your aquarium are fish, turtle can eat them.