Advice 1: How to set up an aquarium for turtles trachemys

Trachemys – American freshwater turtles, which is very popular among fans of reptiles in the world. Under proper management these animals can live up to 60 years.
How to set up an aquarium for turtles trachemys
You will need
  • a heater for the aquarium;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - aquarium water filter;
  • - driftwood, or plastic shelves to create area of land.
Get an aquarium. Adult turtle needed a reservoir with a volume of 150-200 litres. If you want to have a couple of reptiles, aquarium size should be increased two times. Be sure to take care of the water heating system. Comfortable temperature for red turtles is 25-28° C. it is Impossible to prevent the cooling water below 20° C.
Pond slider turtles need to regularly bask on land. It supports their immune system. Therefore, 25-30% of the surface of the aquarium should be reserved for dry land. Many aquarists have driftwood and other decorative elements so that they protrude above the water. You can also place one of the walls of the tank a special plastic shelf that simulates the shore. It is unnecessary to cover it with pebbles or fine gravel, because the turtles will ingest this material, which can cause bowel obstruction. Also you should not use pebbles and gravel in the design of the bottom.
On a makeshift land place the ultraviolet light source to create a replacement for natural sunlight.
Take care of cleanliness in the aquarium. In dirty water active breed pathogens that can cause various diseases in turtles. The water in the aquarium should менять1-2 times a week. To facilitate the care of slider turtles, can be installed electric filter pump.
Decorate the aquarium to your taste. Please note that all decorative items and plants should be safe for turtles turtles. Discard the plastic seaweed. The turtle can bite off and swallow a piece of plastic, which in turn may lead to blockage of the intestine. Live plants must be non poisonous. Do not place the aquarium rocks with sharp edges so that the turtle didn't get hurt.

Advice 2: How to make an aquarium for turtles

Buying turtles, we must remember that these crumbs in a year can reach 30 cm. In order not to spend money twice, it is better to take care of them appropriate for the aquarium (it is desirable that the volume of the tank was of 100 liters and more). But, even if you bought a large aquarium, it immediately becomes fit for your Pets. First, it needs a little work.
How to make an aquarium for turtles
You will need
  • Glass aquarium or aquarium of non-toxic plastic, piece of glass or plastic for the manufacture of beach, large stones and shells, incandescent, UV lamp, heater.
Your turtlese need a place where she can bask in the sun (in your variant – under the lamp). For the manufacture of such Bank, take a piece of glass or non-toxic plastic and position it under the lamp. Shore needs to be tilted to turtlee was easier to climb. Distance from the shore to the rim of the aquarium should be at least 30 cm, otherwise your pet can escape. Decorate a shore with pebbles, or driftwood.
The soil for aquatic turtles is not required, but often it is like by aquarists, as it performs a decorative function. In any case do not take the fine soil, sand, pebbles – they all make turtle bowel obstruction. Also not suitable for plastic or glass pebbles – your Pets they will bite. Put the bottom large stones, more heads of turtlesand, and shells. In addition to its aesthetic function, the shell will saturate the water with calcium.
Attach to the aquarium for your turtle incandescent lamp and the UV lamp. The temperature under the bulb should be 29-31 degrees. To include such light should be on 10-12 hours every day.
The final touch is the water heater. Do not spare money on good brand, as there were cases when cheap heaters have Kolotilo, and turtlesand died. To turtlesnot interested in this device, it can be placed under the decorative island, a castle, or simply to fence off the stones.

Advice 3: How to build a turtle tank

Turtle is the right pet for those who are attracted to a calm and unhurried creation. But their content has its own quirks. For example, as amphibious and on land the turtle is necessary to create comfortable conditions for the detention as they are unable to walk with the man through the apartment, as well as a cat or a dog. What is required for the maintenance of the home turtles?
How to build a turtle tank
You will need
  • For the red-eared terrapins:
  • aquarium;
  • - incandescent;
  • - clay, gravel or coarse sand);
  • - one or two thermometer.
  • filter for water treatment;
  • - water heater;
  • - island sushi for guests.
  • For the Central Asian turtles:
  • - the cage or terrarium;
  • - soil (sand and peat);
  • thermometer;
  • - incandescent;
  • - a container of water.
The most common species of turtles - trachemys and Central Asia. The first of these is a freshwater inhabitant, the second - land. Representatives of both these species can be kept in one apartment, but their conditions were sufficiently different.
If you are planning to put slider turtle, you will need an aquarium with a volume of 100-150 liters for one individual. It is better to choose the capacity of silicate glass, since the surface of the aquarium from plexiglass will be too noticeable scratches from the turtle's claws. As the soil is fine clean coarse sand or fine gravel.
Slider turtles spend in the water quite a large part of his time, but they are vital to Islands of land. The island should be sufficiently large, measuring about a quarter of the total area of the aquarium. To the tortoise it was convenient to climb from the water onto land, especially good a gradually rising slope with a rough surface which your cat can cling claws. Such an island can be purchased at the pet store.
On the island you need to install the bulb that came out of the water the tortoise can bask. Plants in the aquarium, home to trachemys, planting is not necessary, because they're still not staying that long, your pet will eat them. Therefore, for the design of the aquarium is better to use large rocks and driftwood. Artificial plants turtle wouldn't eat it (although I will), but it can dig.
The water temperature in the aquarium for the red-eared terrapins, must be 25-30°C. To maintain the temperature at the right level you'll need aquarium heater and thermostat. It is also recommended to purchase two thermometers - one to control the outside temperature, the other for monitoring the temperature of the water. The aquarium should also install a filter for water treatment, as feed pond slider turtles belong to the species perishable.
In the aquarium or terrarium, for the Central Asian turtle water to pour is not necessary. This turtle is enough to have free access to a container of water in which it will be able to lay in the bath. The widespread belief that the tortoise can live, crawling all over the apartment, is fundamentally wrong. This turtle needed a ground which she could dig, obeying their natural needs as well as lamp under which she could bask. There is a risk that in walking around the apartment a turtle accidentally come. Dangerous are also the drafts which can trigger cold. Therefore it is better to make a choice in favor of a fairly spacious cage, where the turtle will be located in peace and security. As a primer for her suitable sand mixed with peat. Ensure that the temperature under the lamp was about +25-28C.
It is not necessary to introduce into the aquarium to pond slider turtle amphibians other species. The turtle can eat them or injure.
Useful advice
Do not place the island for the red-eared terrapins closer than 30 cm from the edge of the aquarium - otherwise, your tortilla might be tempted to take a walk.

Advice 4: What eats trachemys

To properly keep and breed slider turtle, we need to know what to feed her. Food need only high quality and of course fresh.
What eats trachemys
The red-eared terrapins in nature capture food in the water, then crawl ashore to there it to eat. It is advisable to accustom your pet to this ritual, as from-for hits in water of different vivariums animal feed, he quickly contaminated.

How often to feed a turtle

Young animals (up to 2 years) need to feed once a day. Adult turtles should be abundant to regale once in a couple of days. It is worth noting that slider turtles suffers from the excessive gluttony - do not be afraid.

What to feed

The red-eared terrapins eat:
- factory food;
- bloodworm, worms, chopped veal heart, liver slices, minced meat;
- small fish;
- snails, duckweed;
- the plant food in the form of dandelions, leaves of beets, carrots;
beans, vegetables, fruits, sunflower seeds;
marine fish varieties;
- mussels, shrimp, squid.

If you feed your turtle, seafood and marine fish, it is first necessary to boil, get rid of the bones.

Many novice breeders trachemys turtles don't know what kind of meat you can give your pet. Writing can be poultry, beef, horse meat, lamb, pork. Better to indulge turtle meat less often, because the abuse of animal food leads to rickets.

Advice 5: How to change the water in the aquarium for turtles

Turtles often kept in apartment as a pet. For keeping aquatic turtles is necessary vivariums made of glass, Plexiglas or plastic. To pet is not sick, the water should be changed periodically.
How to change the water in the aquarium for turtles
You will need
  • - bucket or other capacity;
  • - baking soda;
  • - the brush.
The water in the aquarium with the turtle needs to be changed 1-2 times a week. If the container is equipped with a filter, it can be done less frequently since water will remain longer clean. Without a filter and change water liquid fast and dirty blooms, in such circumstances, the animal will be sick more often.
Remove the turtle from the aquarium and place it on the time change of water in a Cup, deep bowl or bucket where it will not be able to get out. Be careful not to drop the pet, and keep in mind that it can scratch or bite, trying to escape from his hands. Leave bucket in safe place.
Drain the water from the tank and remove all accessories. Clean it from the inside without the use of chemical agents. Grate the terrarium except that ordinary baking soda, but after that, wash the powder off the sides. Several times enter the water in a container and pour it.
Wash hands, stones, driftwood and all that was in the vivariums. The soil when the content of water turtles is not required. Disassemble the filter and wash it. Assemble back and tightly secure in place.
Place the accessories back into the aquarium and fill it with warm filtered water. If you put a turtle in cold water, it may get sick. The optimum water temperature is 20-26oC.
Inspect the very turtle, clean the shell with a brush (you can use a toothbrush). Return the pet to the aquarium. You can immediately start to swim, and can be put on an island and wait, when she will crawl in clean warm water.
Useful advice
Drying in an aquarium with a turtle needs to take at least a quarter of the total area. The access road to it is desirable to make the inclined, so that the animal would climb onto the shore to rest and bask.
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