You will need
  • For the red-eared terrapins:
  • aquarium;
  • - incandescent;
  • - clay, gravel or coarse sand);
  • - one or two thermometer.
  • filter for water treatment;
  • - water heater;
  • - island sushi for guests.
  • For the Central Asian turtles:
  • - the cage or terrarium;
  • - soil (sand and peat);
  • thermometer;
  • - incandescent;
  • - a container of water.
The most common species of turtles - trachemys and Central Asia. The first of these is a freshwater inhabitant, the second - land. Representatives of both these species can be kept in one apartment, but their conditions were sufficiently different.
как сделать аквариум для черепахи своими руками
If you are planning to put slider turtle, you will need an aquarium with a volume of 100-150 liters for one individual. It is better to choose the capacity of silicate glass, since the surface of the aquarium from plexiglass will be too noticeable scratches from the turtle's claws. As the soil is fine clean coarse sand or fine gravel.
из чего сделать островок для красноухой черепахи
Slider turtles spend in the water quite a large part of his time, but they are vital to Islands of land. The island should be sufficiently large, measuring about a quarter of the total area of the aquarium. To the tortoise it was convenient to climb from the water onto land, especially good a gradually rising slope with a rough surface which your cat can cling claws. Such an island can be purchased at the pet store.
как сделать террариум для черепахи своими руками
On the island you need to install the bulb that came out of the water the tortoise can bask. Plants in the aquarium, home to trachemys, planting is not necessary, because they're still not staying that long, your pet will eat them. Therefore, for the design of the aquarium is better to use large rocks and driftwood. Artificial plants turtle wouldn't eat it (although I will), but it can dig.
Сколько живут гигантские черепахи
The water temperature in the aquarium for the red-eared terrapins, must be 25-30°C. To maintain the temperature at the right level you'll need aquarium heater and thermostat. It is also recommended to purchase two thermometers - one to control the outside temperature, the other for monitoring the temperature of the water. The aquarium should also install a filter for water treatment, as feed pond slider turtles belong to the species perishable.
Сколько живут черепахи
In the aquarium or terrarium, for the Central Asian turtle water to pour is not necessary. This turtle is enough to have free access to a container of water in which it will be able to lay in the bath. The widespread belief that the tortoise can live, crawling all over the apartment, is fundamentally wrong. This turtle needed a ground which she could dig, obeying their natural needs as well as lamp under which she could bask. There is a risk that in walking around the apartment a turtle accidentally come. Dangerous are also the drafts which can trigger cold. Therefore it is better to make a choice in favor of a fairly spacious cage, where the turtle will be located in peace and security. As a primer for her suitable sand mixed with peat. Ensure that the temperature under the lamp was about +25-28C.