Advice 1: How to make a terrarium for turtles

Pond slider turtle – very cute, curious, interesting animals, it is not surprising that an increasing number of people choose them as Pets. However, for content slider turtles at home, you need to create certain conditions resembling their natural habitat. This can be achieved by equipment for tortoises special terrarium. It can be done from an ordinary tank.
How to make a terrarium for turtles
The size of the cage is determined based on the amount of most turtles, multiplied by seven (in length) and 3 (wide). Since the nature of trachemys turtles live in water and on land, in the terrarium will need to recreate both of these environments: the turtles should be a place where she can swim and thereby maintain your water balance and a place free from water, in order for the pet to dry the surface of the body to avoid various diseases.Tall terrarium doing 15-20 cm above the maximum level of water in it. The latter, in turn, shall be not less than 2 growth of turtles, that accidentally he fell on his back, she was able to roll over and drowned.To divide the cage into zones vegasusa, as a rule, it is glued to the sloping glass on which the turtle can get out on the land, United with a horizontal glass, in which the animal will relax. The surface of the glass, make rough (but not scratchy!), to turtle slipping into the water. This can be achieved in different ways, often on glass smooth layer of paste of fine sand.
Another vital turtle is a solar light, so, by choosing a terrarium, you need to proceed from the fact that it could keep on the Sunny side of the apartment is the best option. If you can not provide sunlight, you need to think about the artificial source of ultraviolet radiation in its absence, turtles can develop rickets. For example, if you have the opportunity, the size of the terrarium you can make a custom cover with built-in UV lamp. The feeder terrarium equip, not necessarily, the main thing - do not overdo the amount of food and to give it gradually, as the tortoise had eaten the previous portion.
Without live plants in the terrarium at first, too, you can do: young turtles are carnivorous and only with age begin to add in your diet and vegetarian food.The water in the terrarium needs frequent changing, so that in the manufacture of aquarium,terrarium custom ask the master to provide a drain hole at the bottom.
The important point is that the turtles are growing rapidly. Taking home a small turtle the size of potato chips, you may be surprised how quickly it has grown. The adult size are in the order of 30 cm So, deciding to purchase turtles, think in advance whether you will be able to provide decent conditions of detention.

Advice 2 : How to change the water in the aquarium for turtles

Turtles often kept in apartment as a pet. For keeping aquatic turtles is necessary vivariums made of glass, Plexiglas or plastic. To pet is not sick, the water should be changed periodically.
How to change the water in the aquarium for turtles
You will need
  • - bucket or other capacity;
  • - baking soda;
  • - the brush.
The water in the aquarium with the turtle needs to be changed 1-2 times a week. If the container is equipped with a filter, it can be done less frequently since water will remain longer clean. Without a filter and change water liquid fast and dirty blooms, in such circumstances, the animal will be sick more often.
Remove the turtle from the aquarium and place it on the time change of water in a Cup, deep bowl or bucket where it will not be able to get out. Be careful not to drop the pet, and keep in mind that it can scratch or bite, trying to escape from his hands. Leave bucket in safe place.
Drain the water from the tank and remove all accessories. Clean it from the inside without the use of chemical agents. Grate the terrarium except that ordinary baking soda, but after that, wash the powder off the sides. Several times enter the water in a container and pour it.
Wash hands, stones, driftwood and all that was in the vivariums. The soil when the content of water turtles is not required. Disassemble the filter and wash it. Assemble back and tightly secure in place.
Place the accessories back into the aquarium and fill it with warm filtered water. If you put a turtle in cold water, it may get sick. The optimum water temperature is 20-26oC.
Inspect the very turtle, clean the shell with a brush (you can use a toothbrush). Return the pet to the aquarium. You can immediately start to swim, and can be put on an island and wait, when she will crawl in clean warm water.
Useful advice
Drying in an aquarium with a turtle needs to take at least a quarter of the total area. The access road to it is desirable to make the inclined, so that the animal would climb onto the shore to rest and bask.
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