Look like pressure ulcers at various stages of development in different ways. At the beginning develop pale, bluish swelling on the skin of the patient. A little later starts to peel off the epidermal layer of the skin, bubbles are formed and, under the influence of impaired circulation, the skin begins to die. Formed necrosis. In the future the process deepens, tissue necrosis increases in size. At this point, the ulcers begin to grow.

Bedsores are exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous are those that was caused by any mechanical action, which began tissue necrosis or ischemia developed. These sores begin to heal after eliminated the cause of their development. Gradually starts the reverse process — tissue is restored and the sore is.

Endogenous bedsores appear when the violation life of the organism and are accompanied by changes in neurotrophic tissues. In this case, recovery is possible by improving the General condition of the patient.

To treat bedsores need as well as necrotic ulcers. It is quite a complex process, as the ulcers heal very slowly. Treating bedsores on a daily basis. The first thing the affected skin washed with soap and smeared sulfuric, or other pre-drying ointment.

With a deep necrotic lesions, after removal of necrotic tissue, use of drugs that stimulate cell regeneration. It may be "Iruksol", "Solarcell". Using these drugs simultaneously with anti-bacterial and allergen therapy.

On moist places apply the lotion with astringent drugs, do wet-to-dry dressings with 2% solution of boric acid, tannin or some other antiseptics. At the same time enter a 10% solution of chloride or calcium gluconate, antihistamines, ascorbic acid.

Prevention of bedsores is to prevent the patient lying in one position for a long time. For the bedridden patient should be cared for carefully. The skin, especially in places where it is exposed to prolonged pressure, washed and rubbed camphor or salicylic alcohol. Good to keep these places special soft, inflated with air, the circles.

Difficulties in the processing and treatment of pressure ulcers is more than enough. And healing, in fact, may be delayed. So, what to treat bed sores, it is better to prevent their occurrence.