Easy to use with the shell

Exercises with a barbell are easy handling of the projectile during the application of the load. This is especially important when the athlete performs the bench press. For example, to allow the rod to its original position, need to lie down on the bench, and then in one motion remove it from the stops. After completing the exercises you need to stretch your hands and carefully put the neck of the rod into the latch.

Another thing – weights. When performing bench press with dumbbells need to properly perform complex movement, which in itself is a power exercise that requires compliance with a special technique. But if the dumbbells are serious weight, without the help of a partner when performing bench press or dumbbell wiring in side is not enough.
Dumbbells of the big weight require higher concentration, precision and safety.

The effectiveness of the exercises

Swinging with rod, you have the ability to change the width of the grip. Than will more narrow grip when you bench press, the big burden falls on the middle part of the chest. With a wide grip to a greater extent activated the triceps. Changing the distance between the hands on the Griffon, you will thus be able to control the load on individual muscle groups.

The disadvantage of the bench-press is obvious: at the exercise this shell has few degrees of freedom, if you compare a barbell with dumbbells. Hand with a dumbbell you can take almost any direction that ensures extreme mobility of the shoulder joint. In this case the load is transmitted to a much larger number of small muscles of the shoulder girdle. In other words, both the missile is effective, but you must clearly understand which muscles you intend to target.

Safety training

Grif rod when performing exercises and can only move along a certain trajectory. Therefore, when working with weights it is important that the elbows were extended and located under the fretboard. It is necessary to bring the elbows far back or forward as the shoulder joint immediately accepts the situation dangerous from the point of view of injury.
After skill of dealing with the rod, you will easily be able to implement this recommendation.

Raising the dumbbell, the athlete causes them to move along a predetermined path. The brain of an experienced athlete tries to instinctively choose the path that is optimal from the point of view of preservation of joints safe. But if you are exhausted and carry out the exercise with maximum weight, the dumbbell can move in the direction from the planned trajectory. The result may be trauma to the joint.

To summarize, we can say that as a barbell and dumbbells is a good and effective tool for strength training, but only in experienced hands. As you master the technique you will be able to successfully combine both of the projectile, increasing the overall effectiveness of the training.